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Who is Melanie Hinton? Bio, Wiki, Education, Career, Net Worth, Personal Life & More Detail


Melanie Hinton epitomizes the mix of article brilliance and individual constancy. Her job, crossing close to twenty years, is a showing of her unfaltering commitment to the field of information projecting and public endeavors. Continuing on from Duquesne School with a long term certificate in Articulations in news-projecting and political hypothesis, Hinton’s cycle has been separate by adaptability and responsibility. Strikingly perceived as the past buddy of Joe Scarborough, an unquestionable TV have and past lawmaker, Hinton’s own life has been eagerly connected to the public eye. She continues to support her two children while continuing to succeed in her professional interests, despite a variety of challenges. Melanie Hinton stays as a picture of inspiration, epitomizing the unflinching soul of a veritable feature writer.

Who is Melanie Hinton?

Renowned across the United States, Melanie Hinton has carved a distinguished career path in journalism and public affairs. Notably recognized as the former spouse of Joe Scarborough, a prominent American TV host, attorney, and former politician, Hinton’s professional journey is as illustrious as it is diverse. Delve deeper into Melanie Hinton’s life to uncover insights into her net worth, biography, age, nationality, ethnicity, husband, as well as her remarkable career achievements.

Melanie Hinton Biography

Melanie Hinton hails from the United States, although she has maintained a discreet stance regarding her exact birth particulars, refraining from public disclosure. Similarly, details about her family remain undisclosed. In any case, revealing insight into her instructive excursion, Hinton sought after her examinations at Duquesne College, where she procured a Four year certification in Expressions, studying reporting and political theory, displaying her obligation to scholastic greatness and scholarly development.

Melanie Hinton Wiki

Full NameMelanie Hinton
Lucky Number7
Lucky StoneGarnet
Lucky ColorPurple
ProfessionJournalist, Managing Director of Airline Industry Public Relations, Director of Communications and Media Relations at the American Bus Association (ABA)
Marital StatusDivorced
HusbandJoe Scarborough
Net Worth$3 million
Eye ColorHazel
Hair ColorBlonde
EducationDuquesne University in Pittsburgh (Bachelor’s degree in Arts in journalism and political science)
KidsTwo (sons: Joey and Andrew)
HobbiesReading Books, Internet

Melanie Hinton Early Life & Education

Melanie Hinton hasn’t shared when she was born or where. We also don’t know her age, birthplace, or zodiac sign. There’s no info about her family, like parents or siblings.

For school, she went to Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. She got a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Political Science from there.

Melanie Hinton Career

Melanie Hinton is an old pro in the field of news-casting, bragging almost twenty years mastery in reporting and public undertakings. Notably, she has held crucial positions at Airlines for America as the managing director of Airline Industry Public Relations and Communications and at the American Bus Association (ABA) as the director of communications and media relations. At Airlines for America, she was responsible for both of these positions.

However, beyond her professional achievements, Hinton is often recognized as the former spouse of renowned talk show host Joe Scarborough. Scarborough, distinguished for his role as an American cable news host and former Florida congressman, shares a history with Hinton as her ex-husband. His prominence extends to his co-hosting duties on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” alongside his current wife, Mika Brzezinski.

Scarborough’s vocation direction incorporates facilitating “Scarborough Country” on similar organization, close by his past jobs as a legal counselor and legislator. Strikingly, he filled in as a conservative individual from the US Place of Delegates from 1995 to 2001, addressing Florida’s first legislative region. His impact is additionally highlighted by his residency as a meeting individual at the Harvard Organization of Legislative issues, procuring him a spot among the world’s most persuasive people in the 2011 Time 100 rundown.

Melanie Hinton Net Worth

Although Melanie Hinton keeps a low profile on social media, her financial situation demonstrates her success in journalism. Hinton has accumulated a net worth of more than $100,000 through her work. Her dedication and expertise have been significant contributors to her financial stability. Conversely, her ex Joe’s monetary portfolio brags a total assets roughly $25 million, with a yearly compensation of $8 million, highlighting his critical monetary accomplishments by his own doing.

Melanie Hinton Personal Life

Melanie Hinton’s ongoing relationship status proposes she is reasonable single. She has maintained a relatively low public profile in the media since her divorce from Joe Scarborough. Melanie and Joe’s process started with their secondary school sentiment, finishing in marriage in 1986 not long after their graduation. Their common instructive foundation and profound association prompted the introduction of their most memorable youngster, Joey Scarborough, in 1989. Notwithstanding, following thirteen years of marriage, the couple chose to head out in different directions, finishing their separation in 1999. Andrew Scarborough, Melanie and Joe’s second child, was born in 1991 despite the couple’s divorce. Today, Joey is 32 years of age, while Andrew is 30, denoting the achievements of their common being a parent even amidst individual changes.

Melanie Hinton Ex-Husband

Presently, Melanie Hinton finds herself unattached, following her previous marriage to Joe Scarborough. The couple exchanged vows on July 19, 1986, after kindling their romance during their high school years. Beyond this union, little is divulged about their relationship journey. However, their marital bond ultimately unraveled, leading to their separation in 1999.

Melanie Hinton Kids

Melanie Hinton and Joe are proud parents to two sons, Joey Scarborough and Andrew Scarborough. Joey entered the world in 1989, followed by the arrival of Andrew in 1991.


Professional Journey: Melanie Hinton has nearly two decades of experience in journalism and public affairs, holding notable positions such as Managing Director of Airline Industry Public Relations and Communications at Airlines for America and Director of Communications and Media Relations at the American Bus Association (ABA).

Educational Background: Hinton graduated from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts, majoring in journalism and political science, showcasing her dedication to academic excellence.

Personal Life: Melanie Hinton was previously married to Joe Scarborough, a prominent American TV host and former politician, with whom she shares two sons, Joey and Andrew. The couple divorced in 1999 after thirteen years of marriage.

Net Worth: While Hinton’s exact net worth is undisclosed, it’s estimated to be over $100,000, reflecting her success in journalism and public relations.

Low Public Profile: Hinton maintains a relatively low public profile, especially on social media, post-divorce from Joe Scarborough, focusing on her professional endeavors and family life.


Melanie Hinton is a seasoned journalist and public relations professional with nearly twenty years of experience in the field. She gained recognition for her roles at Airlines for America and the American Bus Association. Hinton’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Arts from Duquesne University. Her personal life, notably her former marriage to Joe Scarborough and their two sons, Joey and Andrew, adds depth to her public persona. Despite her past relationship with Scarborough, Hinton keeps a low profile and focuses on her career and family.


What is Melanie Hinton’s net worth? 

Melanie Hinton’s net worth is estimated to be over $100,000.

What is Melanie Hinton’s educational background? 

Hinton graduated from Duquesne University with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts, majoring in journalism and political science.

Who is Melanie Hinton’s ex-husband? 

Melanie Hinton was previously married to Joe Scarborough, a prominent American TV host and former politician.

How many children does Melanie Hinton have? 

Melanie Hinton has two sons, Joey and Andrew, from her marriage to Joe Scarborough.

What are Melanie Hinton’s professional achievements? 

Hinton has held significant positions in journalism and public affairs, including Managing Director of Airline Industry Public Relations and Communications at Airlines for America, and Director of Communications and Media Relations at the American Bus Association (ABA).

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