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Michelle Goeringer: Balancing Fame, Fortune, and Family


Michelle Goeringer is a remarkable individual who has triumphed over numerous obstacles throughout her life’s journey.

Although she was once married to the renowned celebrity and former NFL head coach Rex Ryan, Michelle has chosen to maintain a modest presence while focusing on her professional endeavors and family life.

However, Michelle’s narrative extends far beyond her association as the former spouse of a prominent football figure. Her story is characterized by an entrepreneurial drive and a nurturing maternal essence, making Michelle Goeringer a source of inspiration for women across the globe.

Who is Michelle Goeringer?

Michelle Ryan, originally Michelle Goeringer, was born and raised in Clinton, Oklahoma. Her path intertwined with Rex’s during their time at Southwestern Oklahoma State University, where she pursued her dream of becoming a teacher, while Rex delved into football.

As reported by the New York Post, Michelle Ryan was a down-to-earth lover of literature, contrasting with her future husband’s prowess as an outstanding offensive lineman for the university’s football team.

Upon graduation, Rex secured a position as a graduate assistant coach at Eastern Kentucky University. Excited about his achievement, he called Michelle to share the news. Overwhelmed with emotions, Michelle questioned Rex about their future together, prompting him to propose marriage over the phone, to which she joyfully accepted.

The couple exchanged vows in 1987 and have since maintained a resilient bond. Michelle has stood by Rex through various coaching transitions, demonstrating unwavering support as a dedicated partner throughout their journey together.

Michelle Goeringer Biography

Rex Ryan, born on December 13, 1962, in Ardmore, Oklahoma, USA, is a renowned writer and producer recognized for his work in productions such as “That’s My Boy” (2012), “Sunday NFL Countdown” (1985), and “CSI: NY” (2004). Since 1987, he has been married to Michelle Goeringer, and together they have been blessed with two children.

Michelle Goeringer Education

Michelle Goeringer, born and raised in the heartland of Oklahoma, traversed through her formative years within the welcoming embrace of Oklahoma State University. This journey sculpted not just her intellect but also ingrained within her a profound sense of kinship and a rich tapestry of Oklahoma’s customs and ethos. The tenure at Oklahoma State University not only broadened her intellectual horizons but also fostered her growth in a nurturing scholastic environment. Michelle’s life experiences in her hometown and at OSU molded her personality and established the groundwork for her ascent to success in the future.

Michelle Goeringer Age

Rex Ryan entered this world on December 13, 1962, hailing from Ardmore, Oklahoma, USA. Today, he stands at 62 years young, a testament to his journey through time and experience.

Michelle Ryan has some interesting pregame habits

Before tying the knot with Rex Ryan, Michelle had little interest in American football. However, after their marriage, she transformed into a devoted football enthusiast, showing immense passion and involvement in her husband’s games.

As reported by the New York Post during Rex’s tenure as the head coach of the New York Jets, Michelle and the family adhered to a series of game-day superstitions. These rituals included, among others, Michelle donning a vintage Jets jersey featuring the old logo on game days, exclusively wearing green attire in the days leading up to matches, and the family making it a tradition to dine at Jose’s Cantina on Friday nights before games.

Additionally, Michelle and the family made it a point to watch a movie together on Thursdays preceding Jets games. To top it off, her son Seth would proudly sport a Darrelle Revis jersey. If Rex secures another coaching position in the NFL, there may very well be additional superstitions added to Michelle’s list.

Career Beginnings

Michelle Goeringer embarked on her professional journey as a family law attorney before venturing into philanthropy and entrepreneurship.

Since 2001, she has steered MGR Enterprises, a prominent real estate development and investment firm, overseeing numerous notable projects with expertise and finesse.

Goeringer’s expertise in this domain is noteworthy, earning her invitations to speak at various business gatherings and make appearances on television programs to impart her wealth of knowledge.

Breaking Down Michelle Goeringer’s Net Worth

As reported by Celebrity Net Worth, Michelle Goeringer and her former spouse Rex Ryan share a combined net worth of $20 million.

It’s important to note that personal financial details often undergo fluctuations, so the accuracy of this figure may vary.

Despite potential fluctuations, Goeringer’s financial endeavors have proven successful, reflected not only in her net worth but also in her substantial contributions to various philanthropic initiatives, showcasing her commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

Enduring Legacy of Michelle Goeringer

Michelle Goeringer is a living example of perseverance, achievement, and resolve.She has persevered in the face of many obstacles, inspiring others and demonstrating that perseverance can overcome hardship.

Michelle’s tale demonstrates how, despite her public marriage, she managed to maintain privacy while juggling her personal and professional lives as a prosperous businesswoman, loving mother, and giving philanthropist.

Her commitment to her family, career, and charity endeavors has made her a well-known global role model for women, demonstrating the value of tenacity, forbearance, and unflinching drive in reaching one’s objectives.

Humanitarian Work

Beyond her prosperous economic ventures, Michelle Goeringer has received widespread recognition for her charitable efforts and involvement in the non-profit sector. Let’s recognize and support her efforts to significantly and favorably impact the community!

Michelle has also demonstrated her dedication to supporting significant causes and initiatives by actively serving on the boards of numerous organizations, including the Hospice Foundation of Western New York and the Girls in Sports Foundation of Western New York.

From Track to Triathlons: Michelle Goeringer’s Athletic Journey

Michelle ventured into athletics and transitioned into a professional physique artist subsequent to completing her college education.

She engaged in various contests throughout the 1990s, garnering acclaim for her athletic build and her passion for physical fitness.

Emerging victorious in several physique competitions, including the NPC Maryland State Championships in 1996 and the NPC Atlantic City Championships in 1995, contributed significantly to her recognition.

Michelle has established herself as a prominent physique artist and fitness exemplar, prominently featured in publications such as Flex and Muscle & Fitness.

Her notable appearance in the fitness documentary, “The Apex of Women’s Physique Artistry,” alongside top-tier female physique artists globally, further solidified her standing in the industry.

Relationship of Michelle Goeringer with Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan and Michelle Goeringer originally became acquainted while attending the University of Oklahoma. Their first meeting developed into a close relationship that resulted in their 1987 marriage. Payton and Seth, their two kids, were born into their union.

Despite ending their association in 2017, they shared a prosperous collaboration for nearly two decades. After their divorce, they remained secretive to one another and prioritized the welfare of their kids.Renowned for his time spent as an NFL head coach, Rex Ryan was connected to teams like the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills.

Michelle has consistently safeguarded her privacy, particularly concerning her relationship with a prominent figure like Rex Ryan. She has opted to shun the limelight, emphasizing a life beyond public scrutiny.

Do Michelle and Rex Ryan have children?

Michelle and Rex Ryan are blessed with children, namely two sons named Seth and Payton Ryan. Following in his father’s path, Seth currently serves as an assistant for the Detroit Lions, whereas Payton leads a more private and understated life.

Michelle Goeringer’s Post-Divorce Life

After her separation from Rex, Michelle has chosen to stay out of the public eye. Despite this, she has gained considerable recognition for her consistent focus on health and fitness, evident in her toned physique. Nonetheless, she has refrained from making any public declarations about her personal life.

Michelle Goeringer Family Life

Michelle was raised by her mother alongside her two sisters. She excelled academically, displaying a constant thirst for knowledge. Eventually, Michelle graduated from the University of Oklahoma, earning a bachelor’s degree.


Early Life and Education in Oklahoma:Michelle Goeringer, originally Michelle Ryan, was born and raised in Clinton, Oklahoma.She pursued her education in Oklahoma, which played a significant role in shaping her values and ambitions.

Meeting Rex Ryan at Southwestern Oklahoma State University:Michelle’s path intersected with Rex Ryan’s during their time at Southwestern Oklahoma State University.While Michelle focused on her teaching career, Rex delved into football, setting the stage for their future connection.

Career Transition and Entrepreneurial Ventures:Michelle initially pursued a career in education, reflecting her passion for literature and teaching.Transitioning into law and later into entrepreneurship, Michelle demonstrated versatility and determination in her professional journey.

Marriage to Rex Ryan and Family Life:Michelle and Rex Ryan exchanged vows in 1987, establishing a strong familial bond that has endured through various life challenges.They are proud parents of two children, Seth and Payton Ryan, who have pursued their own paths in sports and professional endeavors.

Involvement in MGR Enterprises and Real Estate:Since 2001, Michelle has been actively involved in MGR Enterprises, focusing on real estate development and investment projects.Her expertise in this domain has garnered recognition and opportunities to share her knowledge at business forums and television appearances.

Charitable Work and Community Engagement:Michelle Goeringer is known for her philanthropic efforts, serving on the boards of organizations like the Hospice Foundation of Western New York and the Girls in Sports Foundation of Western New York.Her commitment to giving back to the community reflects her values and desire to make a positive impact.

Athletic Pursuits and Recognition in Fitness Circles:Michelle has a background in athletics, participating in physique competitions during the 1990s and earning acclaim for her dedication to fitness.Her appearances in fitness publications like Flex and Muscle & Fitness have solidified her standing as a fitness exemplar.

Financial Status and Combined Net Worth:Michelle and Rex Ryan share a combined net worth of $20 million, reflecting their successful careers and financial endeavors.Despite fluctuations in personal finances, Michelle’s contributions to various fields have showcased her business acumen and success.

Private Life and Low Public Profile:Despite her association with a prominent figure like Rex Ryan, Michelle has maintained a private life, prioritizing her family and professional commitments.Her ability to balance personal and public demands reflects her resilience and determination to live authentically.


Michelle Goeringer, formerly Michelle Ryan, is a multifaceted individual with a diverse range of achievements. From her early life in Oklahoma to her marriage to NFL coach Rex Ryan, Michelle’s journey has been marked by resilience, entrepreneurship, and dedication to family and philanthropy. She has made significant contributions to various fields including real estate, fitness, and charitable work, earning recognition and respect for her endeavors.


Who is Michelle Goeringer? 

Michelle Goeringer, also known as Michelle Ryan, is a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, and former spouse of NFL coach Rex Ryan.

What is Michelle Goeringer’s professional background? 

Michelle started her career as a family law attorney before transitioning into entrepreneurship, particularly in real estate development and investment.

Does Michelle Goeringer have children? 

Yes, Michelle and Rex Ryan have two sons named Seth and Payton Ryan.

What is Michelle Goeringer’s net worth? 

Michelle and Rex Ryan share a combined net worth of $20 million, as reported by Celebrity Net Worth.

What are Michelle Goeringer’s interests besides her professional life? 

Michelle is known for her dedication to fitness and athletics, having participated in physique competitions and maintaining a focus on health post-divorce.

How does Michelle Goeringer balance her personal and professional life? 

Michelle has prioritized privacy while managing her successful career and family life, showcasing her ability to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

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