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Carley Shimkus: Bio, Education, Height, Career, Net Worth & More


Carley Shimkus is a highly regarded American television correspondent, esteemed producer, and accomplished news anchor. She gained prominence for her role as a versatile reporter at Fox News, contributing to stories featured on Fox & Friends and First Fox & Friends on Fox TV.

Her impressive intellect has been a driving force in her career, leading to her promotion to assistant producer shortly after joining Fox following her graduation. Although initially recognized for her behind-the-scenes work, she gradually began making occasional on-screen appearances. Over time, her responsibilities expanded, notably as the 24/7 Headlines correspondent.

Carley Shimkus Biography

Carley Shimkus’s age, specifically Carley Shimkus, may intrigue you. She was born as Carley Noelle Shimkus on the 7th of November, 1986. This detail places Carley Shimkus’ age at 32 years presently. In her younger years, particularly during adolescence, Carley Shimkus’ stature and aesthetically pleasing appearance motivated her to explore opportunities in the modeling realm.

Full nameCarley Noelle Shimkus
NicknameCarley Shimkus
Date of birth7th November 1986
Birthday7th November
Age36 years (As of 2023)
Zodiac signScorpio
Place of birthLong Valley, New Jersey, USA
EthnicityWhite Caucasian descent
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorBlue
Weight in kg54 kg
Weight in pounds119 lbs
Height in cm178 cm
Height in feet5’10”
Shoe size10
OccupationTV correspondent, news anchor, producer
Famous forBeing the news reporter on the Fox News Channel
Highest educational qualificationGraduate
Alma materQuinnipiac University, George Washington University
FatherEdward Shimkus
MotherZulma M Shimkus
SisterMargot Shimkus
Marital statusMarried
SpousePeter Buchignani

She decided to veer away from this road after realizing after a few experiences that it wasn’t for her. Her academic path led her to Quinnipiac University, from whence she attended George Washington University for a semester in 2008. Because of the demanding courses she completed there, her interest in journalism was sparked during that period.

 Subsequently, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Broadcast Journalism upon graduating.

During her college years, she interned at the Fox office in Washington D.C. in her junior year, which facilitated her transition into the company upon completing her studies.

Commencing her career as a news correspondent in 2009, she steadily climbed the ranks to become the Associate Producer at Fox Business Network in 2012. Additionally, she took on the role of assistant producer for Imus in the Morning. Given her trajectory and accomplishments thus far, it’s evident that this young professional has much to contribute and is poised for success in her career.

Carley Shimkus’ parents, Zulma M and Edward, have a unique love story that began on a plane ride in 1982. Zulma, a flight attendant, crossed paths with Edward, a passenger on the plane, sparking a connection that led to their enduring relationship. Carley’s sister, Margot, showcases her talents as a skilled musician and educator.

Early Life and Education

Born on November 7, 1986, in Long Valley, New Jersey, USA, Carley Noelle Shimkus arrived as the youngest member of her family. Her academic journey led her to obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism from Quinnipiac University in 2009, accompanied by a stint at George Washington University in 2008.

Carley Shimkus Measurements

Height5′ 10″
Weight54 kg (118 lbs)
Chest Size34″ (86 cm)
Waistline24″ (61 cm)
Hips35″ (89 cm)
Bra size32B

At Fox News, Carley Shimkus is a shining star in the field of broadcast journalism. Her height is remarkable; she is 5 feet 10 inches, weighs 54 kg (118 pounds), and has a waist circumference of 24 inches (61 cm). When you look closely, her attractive body helps to explain why she originally chose to work in modeling.

Within the domain of Fox News, Carley Shimkus proves herself to be an adept journalist whose professional trajectory is captivating to observe. She exhibits unwavering dedication and a resolute focus on delivering distinctive and valuable content to viewers. Delving into insights about her personal life enhances one’s admiration for her when she graces the screen.

Carley Shimkus Career

2009 witnessed the college graduation of Carley Shimkus and her employment as a TV correspondent at Fox News Network. She was promoted to co-producer at Fox Business Network in 2012 as a result of her extraordinary dedication and work ethic. She also participated earlier, serving as a co-producer for the radio program “Imus in the Morning,” where she received news and trends updates.

Apart from her work in the background, Carley Shimkus has guested on several Fox TV shows, such as “MediaBuzz,” “First Fox & Friends,” and “Fox & Friends.”

One notable event in her career was on November 6, 2016, when she reported live from Fox Square during the United States election process. During this time, she engaged in interactive one-on-one sessions with voters, providing insightful coverage.

Throughout her career, Carley Shimkus has encountered moments of controversy. She faced criticism from fans of the “Star Wars” series after making remarks that were perceived as snide and taking advantage of an episode’s disenfranchisement.

Currently, Carley Shimkus serves as a 24/7 news anchor for Fox News, delivering comprehensive coverage of global events and trending social media news with finesse and insight.

Carley Shimkus Net Worth

Carley Shimkus’ precise salary remains undisclosed, yet estimates place it at approximately $290 thousand per year, underscoring her position as a prominent news journalist. Her net worth is believed to fall between $1 million and $2 million, primarily derived from her extensive career as a media figure.

Marriage and Husband

Carley Shimkus and businessman Peter Buchignani are blissfully wed. Their paths crossed for the first time on Carley’s 23rd birthday, and they formally started dating in 2013. They courted for two years before getting married in Peter’s home state of New Jersey on August 8, 2015. News of her nuptials was happily revealed by the glowing journalist on “Imus in the Morning.”

Peter holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Princeton University and has experience working for several financial firms, including Deutsche Bank and Barclays Capital. He is currently employed as a sales analyst for Amherst Pierpont Securities.

Both Carley and Pete share a deep passion for Michigan football, a shared enthusiasm that was evident during their wedding where the Michigan fight song played as their exit song. Beyond their mutual love for football, they also discovered they attended college during the same period (2005-2009), adding another layer of connection to their relationship. Their marriage has been characterized by happiness and devoid of any controversies, cementing their bond even further.

Carley Shimkus’ Baby

Despite residing in separate states (Shimkus in New York City and Bichignani in Chicago), the couple has successfully maintained their relationship. In June 2023, their daughter Zoe will celebrate her third birthday, and they are thrilled to be her parents. Though Carley mostly uses social media to highlight her experiences as a media celebrity, she also loves to give her fans peeks at her gorgeous kid.

Husband and Family

Edward and Zulma M. Shimkus are the parents of Carley Shimkus. Zulma, a flight attendant, and Edward, a passenger, had an accidental encounter on an aircraft in 1982 that marked the beginning of their love story.Carley also has a talented sister named Margot, who excels as both an artist and an art teacher.

Social Media Presence

Carley Shimkus frequently engages with her audience on multiple social media platforms in addition to her job in the media. She has 46,000 Instagram followers and shares insights into her personal and professional lives, including her contributions to Fox News shows. Likewise, her LinkedIn profile highlights her work accomplishments, and her Twitter stream informs fans of her most recent appearances on Fox News.

In summary, Carley Shimkus has built a thriving career in media, successfully balancing her professional accomplishments with her responsibilities as a working mother. Her marriage to Peter Buchignani, the joys of raising their daughter, Zoe, and her considerable net worth all speak to her accomplishments and influence in the industry.


Carley Shimkus is a well-known American television correspondent, producer, and news anchor, recognized for her work at Fox News. She was born on November 7, 1986, in Long Valley, New Jersey, USA. Carley started her career as a news correspondent in 2009 and has since climbed the ranks to become a prominent figure in the media industry. She is married to Peter Buchignani and is a proud mother to their daughter, Zoe.


What is Carley Shimkus known for? Carley Shimkus is known for her role as a versatile reporter at Fox News, contributing to shows like Fox & Friends and First Fox & Friends on Fox TV.

What is Carley Shimkus’ height and weight? Carley Shimkus stands at 5 feet 10 inches tall (178 cm) and weighs approximately 54 kg (119 lbs).

Who is Carley Shimkus’ husband? Carley Shimkus is married to Peter Buchignani, a successful entrepreneur and sales analyst.

Does Carley Shimkus have any children? Yes, Carley Shimkus and Peter Buchignani have a daughter named Zoe, who will celebrate her third birthday in June 2023.

What is Carley Shimkus’ educational background? Carley Shimkus graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism from Quinnipiac University and also attended George Washington University for a semester in 2008.

What is Carley Shimkus’ net worth? While her exact salary is undisclosed, estimates place Carley Shimkus’ net worth between $1 million and $2 million, primarily earned from her successful career in media.

What are Carley Shimkus’ social media profiles? Carley Shimkus is active on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, where she shares insights into her personal and professional life and engages with her audience.

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