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Meltem Conant encapsulates the embodiment of a cutting edge Renaissance lady, flawlessly winding around together her interests for business, culture, and food into an embroidery of progress and development. As the prime supporter of Visionaries At Play, she has cut out an unmistakable specialty in the realm of experiential plan, making remarkable encounters for organizations and occasions. Past her expert undertakings, Meltem’s profound roots in Turkish legacy imbue her culinary interests with extravagance and legitimacy, shared close by her significant other, the acclaimed cook Scott Conant. With a foundation established in plan and a heart overflowing with imagination, Meltem’s process is a demonstration of the force of enthusiasm, diligence, and the quest for greatness. Go along with us as we dive into the complex universe of Meltem Conant, where imagination exceeds all logical limitations, and each experience is a magnum opus really taking shape.

Who is Scott Conant?

Scott Conant is one of those chefs you just can’t miss. You’ve probably caught him on Chopped, right? Since 2009, he has been passing judgment there, and let’s just say that he has a talent for it. But he’s not only a well-known TV figure. Oh no, he’s penned four cookbooks that’ll make your mouth water just reading them. And let’s not forget his restaurants – Cellaio Steak, Mora Italian, The Americano… the list goes on!

Now, when it comes to Italian cuisine, Conant’s the real deal. His pasta dishes? They’re legendary. You can be sure you’re going to be treated to a delight whether you’re viewing him on film, perusing his cookbooks, or getting to eat at one of his locations. His specialty as a chef is sharing his passion of food with others, and he does it rather well.

Scott Conant Biography

Meltem Bozkurt Conant, a native of Brooklyn, New York, was raised in a vibrant environment during the late 1970s. She became interested in design at an early age, when she went to Parsons School of Design and let her ideas run wild.

She started a lovely adventure in 2007 when she got married in a stunning ceremony in Bodrum, Turkey, to renowned chef Scott Conant. They have been together ever then, sharing not only their love but also their aspirations and hopes.

In her professional life, Meltem is a co-founder of Visionaries At Play, a business that creates unique experiences for establishments and gatherings. Her ability to think strategically and with imagination has greatly contributed to the development of the business.

But Meltem’s roots run deep, especially in her love for Turkish culture and cuisine. Together with Scott, she indulges in culinary adventures, savoring the rich flavors and traditions of Turkish food.

Beyond her career and cultural pursuits, Meltem has a soft spot for animals. Before diving into the business world, she ran her own dog care company, New York Dog, where her love for furry friends shone brightly.

Family is everything to Meltem and Scott. Their lives are filled with boundless happiness and laughter from their two children, Ayla Sophia Reina and Karya Eva Maria, who were born in 2010 and 2012, respectively. They work together to provide a safe, supportive atmosphere for their daughters to grow and explore.

Meltem’s path is proof of the strength of love, passion, and inventiveness. Her influence is seen in all facets of her life, not just in her work pursuits, but also in the love and compassion she infuses into everything.

Scott Conant Wiki

Full NameMeltem Bozkurt Conant
Date of Birth(Estimated) Late 1970s
Place of BirthBrooklyn, New York
EducationParsons School of Design (Graduated 1994)
OccupationCo-founder of Visionaries At Play
SpouseScott Conant (m. 2007)
ChildrenTwo daughters: Ayla Sophia Reina (b. 2010) and Karya Eva Maria (b. 2012)

Scott Conant Age

Meltem Conant’s age isn’t unequivocally referenced in the given data. Notwithstanding, we can gauge her age in view of certain subtleties. She moved on from Parsons School of Plan in 1994, showing that she probably finished her schooling in her mid 20s. Taking into account that she got hitched to Scott Conant in 2007 and they have two little girls brought into the world in 2010 and 2012, it’s sensible to surmise that Meltem is probable in her late 40s to mid 50s starting around 2024.

Scott Conant Family

A major component of Meltem and Scott Conant’s shared life is family. Their two girls, Ayla Sophia Reina and Karya Eva Maria, who were brought into the world in 2010 and 2012, separately, are cherished by them. Meltem and Scott put a high worth on sustaining and acquainting their girls with a great many social encounters through investing quality energy with them. A clear illustration of family values is their dedication to creating a warm and nurturing environment for their children’s development and success. Meltem and Scott help their family members feel a feeling of unity and belonging by sharing customs and experiences.

Scott Conant Relationship

Scott Conant tracked down his ideal match in Meltem Conant back in 2007, and they’ve been indivisible from that point onward. Fans are normally inquisitive about the one who caught his heart, so we should investigate their coexistence.

Scott and Meltem seem to have that special spark that keeps their marriage going strong. You can tell they’re completely in sync whether they’re having a calm evening at home or cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Seeing a couple who enjoy cuisine and travel together in addition to their mutual love is energizing. Let’s hope the Conants enjoy many more years of happiness!

Scott Conant Career

Meltem Conant’s varied talents and passions are reflected in her job path. She began a profession motivated by her imagination and entrepreneurial spirit in 1994, after graduating from Parsons School of Design.

Meltem leads the way as a co-founder of Visionaries At Play, showcasing her special combination of strategic thought and creativity. As a result of her work, the company has become a major force in the industry for producing memorable experiences for events and businesses. Her leadership and vision have been crucial in driving the business to success.

However, Meltem’s professional life extends beyond boardrooms. She was motivated by her love of animals to launch her own dog care business, New York Dog, where she brought her passion for animals and her business sense together.

Meltem’s professional path is evidence of her capacity to pursue her interests and make them into worthwhile endeavors. She brings passion, inventiveness, and a sincere love of her work to every project, whether it’s creating immersive experiences or taking care of animals.

Scott Conant Wife

Meltem Bozkurt Conant isn’t just Scott Conant’s partner; she’s a force in her own right. She co-founded Visionaries At Play and is making big moves in the business world. However, let’s rewind a little. The narrative of Meltem starts in the latter half of the 1970s in Brooklyn, New York. Subsequent to wrapping up at Parsons School of Plan in ’94, she’s been doing something significant.

In 2007, Meltem and Scott said “I do” in a beautiful ceremony in Bodrum, Turkey. Since then, they’ve been on this wild journey together, raising their two amazing daughters, Ayla and Karya. Meltem brings a whole world of flavors to their table, sharing her love for Turkish cuisine with Scott. And did I mention she’s a total dog person? Yep, she even ran her own dog care company, New York Dog, before. With her passion for business, family, and furry friends, Meltem’s the real deal.

Relationship Between Meltem Conant and Scott Conant

Meltem and Scott Conant are a dynamic team that share a passion for both business and food, making them more than just life partners. They at first met on the bustling roads of New York City, which is where their process began. Following nine years of romance, they secured the bunch in 2007 in a dazzling wedding that exhibited the quality of Bodrum, Turkey.

Meltem is the imaginative power behind Visionaries Affecting everything, where she gives her significant investment to making remarkable encounters for organizations and events. Meanwhile, Scott has set up a good foundation for himself as an eminent gourmet expert and TV character, winning various honors for his culinary ability.

At the point when they’re not occupied with managing everything, you can frequently find Meltem and Scott scouring elbows at industry occasions, rooting for one another. Yet, it’s not all work – they’re ardent voyagers, consistently watching out for new societies and cooking styles to investigate. Turkey holds a special place in their hearts, especially for Meltem, with her deep family roots there.

Their relationship? Well, it’s stood the test of time, filled with love, respect, and a whole lot of delicious meals shared together.

Meltem Conant and Scott Conant’s Daughters

In addition to being a formidable duo, Meltem and Scott Conant are also the proud parents of two adorable daughters. Their family was blessed with an abundance of love and joy when Ayla Sophia Reina and Karya Eva Maria entered their lives on February 8, 2010, and September 19, 2012, respectively.

Even with their busy schedules, Meltem and Scott manage to find valuable time with their daughters. On social media, you can frequently see snippets of their precious family moments as they show off their love and pride for Ayla and Karya.

There’s no doubt about it: for this couple, family comes first. In keeping with Meltem’s ancestry, they place a high value on exposing their daughters to a variety of cultures and tastes, particularly Turkish food. Whether they’re experimenting with new recipes or customs, Meltem and Scott are committed to giving their daughters a loving home where they may develop and flourish. Ultimately, nothing makes them happier than witnessing their girls’ smiles.

Scott Conant’s Ex-Wife:Chris Cannon

Before finding happiness with Meltem, Scott Conant had a previous chapter in his love life. He was once married to Chris Cannon, his business partner and fellow entrepreneur. Together, they ran two successful restaurants in New Jersey. However, their marriage hit a rough patch and ended in divorce in 2007, following five years together.

The split wasn’t just about personal differences; it was tangled up with their business partnership too. There was a messy dispute over the division of their restaurants, Alto and L’Impero. Things got even messier when Conant made some comments about Cannon’s abilities in a trade publication, sparking a legal battle between them.

Even though their legal battle was settled in 2008, their professional and personal cooperation came to an end. Professional and interpersonal conflicts can cause even the strongest partnerships to crumble.


  1. Co-founder of Visionaries At Play: Meltem demonstrated her skills in the business realm by co-founding Visionaries At Play, a company that specializes in designing distinctive experiences for events and businesses.
  2. Background in Design: Her 1994 graduation from Parsons School of Design spoke to her foundation in creativity and design.
  3. Turkish Heritage: Meltem hails from a Turkish background, and she shares her love for Turkish cuisine with her husband Scott Conant.
  4. Family: Meltem and Scott have two daughters, Ayla Sophia Reina and Karya Eva Maria, born in 2010 and 2012, respectively. Family is a central focus for them, evident in their dedication to exposing their daughters to various cultures and cuisines.
  5. Passion for Animals: Meltem ran her own dog care company, New York Dog, showcasing her love for animals alongside her entrepreneurial spirit.


Meltem Conant is a vibrant force unto herself, not only the spouse of well-known chef Scott Conant. She contributes her business and design knowledge as a co-founder of Visionaries At Play. Her roots are in Turkey, and she loves Turkish food, which she enjoys with Scott. Meltem and Scott place a high value on family, making time for their two girls and exposing them to a variety of cultural experiences.


What is Meltem Conant’s background?

Meltem Conant graduated from Parsons School of Design in 1994 and co-founded Visionaries At Play. She has Turkish heritage and a background in design.

What is Meltem Conant’s role in Visionaries At Play?

Meltem is a co-founder of Visionaries At Play, where she contributes her expertise to creating unique experiences for businesses and events.

How many children does Meltem Conant have?

Meltem and Scott Conant have two daughters, Ayla Sophia Reina and Karya Eva Maria, born in 2010 and 2012, respectively.

What are Meltem Conant’s interests outside of business?

Meltem has a passion for animals and previously ran her own dog care company, New York Dog. She also shares her love for Turkish cuisine with her husband Scott.

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