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Love, Laughter, and Legacy: Yun Chi Chung’s Impact on Redd Foxx


Yun Chi Chung, a former cocktail waitress at the Hilton hotel in Las Vegas, first encountered him while she was employed by well-known American comedian Redd Foxx. They were 20 years apart, but despite this, they clicked and went on to date for six months before getting married in 1976.

Fondly called “Joi” by her then-husband Redd Foxx, Chung became his third spouse. However, their marriage faced difficulties, and they mutually agreed to separate in 1981 due to incompatibility issues. As part of their divorce settlement, Foxx agreed to pay about $300,000.

Yun Chi Chung comes from Korea, and although her exact birthdate is not public knowledge, it is widely believed that she is roughly 20 years younger than Redd Foxx. This would suggest a birth year around 1942, considering Foxx was born in 1922.

Who is Yun Chi Chung?

Yun Chi Chung is originally from Korea, and although her exact date of birth is not publicly known, it is common knowledge that she is roughly 20 years younger than Redd Foxx. Based on Foxx’s birth year of 1922, this indicates that she was likely born around 1942.

Yun Chi Chung Biography

Yun Chi Chung, who was born in 1942 in Korea, came from modest beginnings and played a significant part in the life of renowned stand-up comic Redd Foxx. Chung was raised with a strong sense of connection to her Korean heritage, which prepared her for an incredible trip.

Imagine the narratives of Redd Foxx, the bold and outspoken King of the Party Records, and Yun Chi Chung, a Korean-American woman with strong cultural ties. 

 Their connection transcended mere coincidence; it resonated with audiences and challenged societal norms. As Redd Foxx’s former wife, Yun Chi Chung played a significant part in his life, leaving an indelible mark on both his personal and cultural spheres.

This biography delves into Yun Chi Chung’s narrative, uncovering the romance, obstacles faced, and enduring impact that firmly establishes her in the vibrant history of comedy.

Early Life and Background

Yun Chi Chung started her life’s journey in Korea in 1942, demonstrating early on her strong ties to her cultural background. She was raised in a deeply traditional Korean environment, which would have a tremendous and unexpected impact on her life.

Beginnings: Yun Chi Chung’s early life is woven together with a variety of experiences to create a tapestry that serves as the basis for the lady she would eventually become. 

Exploring her formative years not only humanizes Yun Chi Chung but also offers insights into the encounters and choices that would influence her journey.

Early Career

Foxx honed his stand-up comedy skills in nightclubs, which played a crucial role in his early success. He relocated from Chicago to the East Coast to take his act on the road. His breakthrough moment arrived when singer Dinah Washington encouraged him to move to Los Angeles. It was there that his comedic talent caught the attention of Dootsie Williams from Dootone Records. Foxx signed a lucrative long-term contract and subsequently released a string of comedy albums that have since garnered a cult following among comedy enthusiasts.

Net Worth

American comedian and entertainer Redd Foxx was worth a net zero of $3.5 million. Unfortunately, when he passed away, his burden exceeded $3.5 million in outstanding taxes. Later in this story, more information is given about his financial situation in his later years. Renowned for his comedic and explicit musical innovations, Redd Foxx gained eminence in the entertainment sphere, alongside his notable roles in the critically acclaimed TV series “Sanford and Son.” His life concluded at the age of 68 due to a cardiac arrest on October 11, 1991.

Foxx’s uproarious performances graced the nightclub circuit during the 1950s and 1960s, serving as the cornerstone of his widespread recognition. Earning the moniker “Supreme Creator of Bold Records,” his illustrious career spanned over 50 musical compilations. A decade hence, his comedic genius secured him the 24th position on Comedy Central’s esteemed compilation of the “100 Greatest Stand-ups of All Time.”

Between 1972 and 1977, Foxx embodied the character of Fred G. Sanford in the sitcom “Sanford and Son,” reprising the role from 1980 to 1981.

Notably, he held the title of highest-paid television actor for consecutive years due to his earnings from the “Sanford and Son” series, as will soon be elaborated. In 1986, he portrayed Al Hughes in “The Red Foxx Show,” further solidifying his legacy in the realm of televised entertainment.

She crossed paths with Redd Foxx shortly after her arrival in the US

In an intimate interview with Jet Magazine, Chung candidly shared her experience working as a cocktail waitress at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel right after her arrival in the US. Interestingly, during that same period, Redd Foxx was captivating audiences with his late-night performances in the hotel’s main venue.

Imagine the scene: Yun Chi Chung and Redd Foxx crossing paths in the hotel corridor, their serendipitous meeting sparking a romantic journey that led them to the altar on December 31, 1976, in a charming Las Vegas chapel.

However, as life often unfolds, their love story took an unexpected turn. Just two years after exchanging vows, Redd Foxx initiated divorce proceedings in November 1979, citing irreconcilable differences. Chung, however, took proactive steps by filing a countersuit in Los Angeles, alleging mistreatment and even claimed Foxx had brandished a firearm against her, leading to her seeking a restraining order. Despite acknowledging cultural disparities, Foxx maintained a respectful tone when speaking about Chung.

The saga reached its conclusion in 1981 when Redd Foxx reportedly settled the divorce proceedings with a payment of $300,000. Life, it seems, had a different narrative in mind for these two individuals.

Yun Chi Chung’s ex-husband was married four times

Evelyn Killebrew:

Redd Foxx, originally known as John Elroy Sandford, navigated through four marriages during his lifetime, each marking a distinct chapter in his personal journey. His initial romantic entanglement was with Evelyn Killebrew in 1948, a time when he worked as a dishwasher alongside none other than Malcolm X, all while pursuing his musical aspirations. However, this chapter came to an end in 1951.

Betty Jean Harris:

Foxx’s second venture into love unfolded with Betty Jean Harris, a talented singer he encountered during his nightclub endeavors. Betty, along with her sisters, temporarily paused her singing career when she exchanged vows with Foxx on July 5, 1956. Although they didn’t have biological children together, Foxx embraced Harris’s daughter from a previous relationship as his own. Although they remained married for over 19 years, their story took an unexpected turn in 1974. Citing irreconcilable differences, Foxx filed for divorce and even secured a restraining order against Harris. 

 Amidst these events, another woman entered Foxx’s life.

The aftermath was challenging – Foxx regretfully missed his daughter’s wedding in 1975, and Harris deliberately omitted his name from the wedding invitations. The divorce settlement came with a significant financial cost, with Foxx paying out over $150,000 during the proceedings and subsequently providing $10,000 monthly in post-divorce support.

Ka Ho Cho:

In a twist of destiny echoing Yun Chi Chung’s narrative, Ka Ho Cho, another Korean individual, crossed paths with Redd Foxx at Bally’s Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Despite Foxx’s assertion that he was finished with marriage, love had its way, and they exchanged vows at the Little Church of the West in Las Vegas. Their shared journey continued until the actor’s last days.

Life Together

Beyond the bright glare of fame, Yun Chi Chung and Redd Foxx crafted a life uniquely their own. They found delight in shared interests and activities, with Yun Chi Chung’s cultural heritage adding rich colors to the fabric of their shared experiences.

Yun Chi Chung skillfully intertwined Korean traditions into their everyday life, creating a harmonious fusion that extended beyond the comedic performances on stage.

Reasons for Divorce

Every love story unravels its unique plot, and in the saga of Yun Chi Chung and Redd Foxx, storms indeed cast shadows. Their journey was not solely adorned with laughter and bliss; it endured trials that etched a chapter of heartache and legal intricacies into the essence of their relationship. The complexities of their divorce filing, the gravity of accusations hurled into the mix, and the subsequent settlement paint a nuanced portrait, providing a glimpse into the twists and turns veiled from public view.

Navigating the tumultuous seas of separation, Yun Chi Chung and Redd Foxx encountered obstacles that tested the very core of their affection. The divorce proceedings served as a canvas where emotions, disparities, and grievances were exposed, revealing the intricate layers beneath the surface of their once-unified existence.

Allegations surfaced, creating ripples that resonated far beyond the confines of their personal tribulations. Amidst the legal complexities, the human facets of their narrative intertwined with courtroom dramas, highlighting the vulnerability inherent in unraveling a deeply intertwined bond.

As their paths diverged, the settlement emerged as a pivotal juncture in their chronicle, embodying decisions and compromises weighted with significance. The echoes of their love story, now shaded with the hues of separation, offer a poignant contemplation on the intricate threads woven into relationships that endure both jubilation and adversity.

Life After Divorce

Following the storm, Yun Chi Chung subtly withdrew from the spotlight and projected an air of mystery around herself. What happened in the aftermath of the upheaval remained shrouded in mystery, and people who were interested in her trip speculated and asked questions about her life following the divorce.

She made a conscious decision to disappear from the public eye, much as when you turn a page of a book to a secret chapter. Yun Chi Chung’s choice to live her post-divorce life in isolation suggested that she was either seeking time alone and reflection, or that she was making a conscious attempt to avoid the curious eyes of the public.

In an age where information was scarce, the void left by Yun Chi Chung’s absence became a canvas for imaginations to weave tales and scenarios. The whispers and conjectures, fueled by the lack of concrete details, added an element of intrigue to her narrative.

While the storm eventually passed, the aftermath lingered in a realm of uncertainty, prompting observers to contemplate the unwritten chapters of Yun Chi Chung’s life beyond the tumultuous period. Her retreat into quietude transformed her into an enigmatic figure, leaving the public with fragments of a story yearning to be pieced together but forever shrouded in the mystique of the unknown.

Her former husband passed away due to a heart attack

On October 11, 1991, tragedy struck as Yun Chi Chung’s husband suffered a heart attack during a rehearsal on set. Initially mistaken for one of his usual pranks, the seriousness of the situation dawned when he showed no signs of movement. Upon the arrival of medical professionals, initial pronouncements of his demise were later contradicted by unexpected signs of life.

Despite an emergency rush to Queen of Angels Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Centre, Foxx was declared deceased once again after a grueling four and a half hours. Redd Foxx was 68 years old at the time of his passing.

In the aftermath of his demise, it emerged that Chung’s former spouse had substantial debts owed to the IRS, far surpassing what could cover his final arrangements. Reports indicated that the comedian left behind over $3.6 million in unpaid taxes.

In a touching act of kindness, comedian Eddie Murphy stepped up to alleviate the financial strain of burial expenses, extending a supportive hand during a challenging period for Yun Chi Chung and those connected to Redd Foxx.

Where is Yun Chi Chung Now?

After parting ways with Redd Foxx, Yun Chi Chung deliberately retreated from public view, choosing a path of privacy and seclusion. Even after his passing, details about her current whereabouts remain scarce, fueling speculation and intrigue. While there is no definitive news about her life post-divorce, occasional comments on social media platforms, notably Facebook, suggest the possibility of her return to Korea.

Various online comments hint that Yun Chi Chung might have opted for a quieter life away from the bustling American scene, possibly relocating to Korea. Unverified rumors also suggest her potential employment in a specific company, adding layers of mystery to her post-marriage journey.

Her decision to maintain a low profile reflects her desire for privacy and a longing for a life free from the constant public scrutiny often associated with celebrity connections. The lack of concrete information about her current life encourages speculation, with observers piecing together clues from social media snippets to construct a narrative veiled in secrecy.

Favourite Things

Favorite CityLos Angeles
Favorite SportsTennis & Golf

Legacy and Impact

In the vast landscape of comedy, Redd Foxx’s brilliance illuminates brightly, yet there exists a quieter, less-explored chapter – the narrative of Yun Chi Chung. She wasn’t merely a footnote in Redd’s life; rather, she played a significant role often overshadowed. Let’s delve deeper to truly grasp Yun Chi Chung’s impact on this legendary comedian’s story and how their intertwined journey left an indelible mark on the fabric of pop culture.

Yun Chi Chung wasn’t a peripheral figure; she brought depth and richness to Redd Foxx’s existence. Beyond the laughter, their connection resonates across time, leaving an enduring impression on the expansive canvas of popular culture.

Peering into the intricacies reveals a tale interwoven with cultural influences, personal dynamics, and shared moments. While Yun Chi Chung’s influence may be eclipsed by Redd’s larger-than-life persona, it remains a pivotal strand in the intricate tapestry of the comedian’s life.

Their union wasn’t merely a sequence of events but a masterpiece painted with laughter, challenges, and shared happiness. Yun Chi Chung’s impact transcends the boundaries of the comedy stage, profoundly shaping Redd Foxx’s journey in ways often unseen by the public eye.

Their narrative extends beyond humor and celebrity; it embodies a human saga that urges us to comprehend the individual behind the comedic icon. Delving into Yun Chi Chung’s role unveils a side of Redd Foxx that adds a touch of humanity to the comedic legacy, reminding us that even amidst laughter, legends harbor untold stories and quieter moments waiting to be acknowledged.


Origin and Background: Yun Chi Chung was born in Korea around 1942 and grew up in a traditional Korean environment, fostering a strong connection to her cultural heritage.

Relationship with Redd Foxx: She met Redd Foxx while working as a cocktail waitress at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel, where Foxx was performing. They married in 1976 but separated in 1981, citing irreconcilable differences.

Divorce Settlement: As part of their divorce settlement, Foxx agreed to pay approximately $300,000 to Chung.

Post-Divorce Life: Following her divorce from Redd Foxx, Yun Chi Chung deliberately retreated from the public eye, choosing a path of privacy and seclusion. Her current whereabouts remain largely unknown.

Legacy and Impact: Despite her low profile, Yun Chi Chung played a significant role in Redd Foxx’s life, contributing to his personal and cultural spheres. Her influence on Foxx’s journey adds depth to his comedic legacy, underscoring the human aspects behind the comedic icon.


Yun Chi Chung (b. 1942, Korea) is a great-grandmother of comedian Redd Foxx. Even though their ages did not coincide when they first met—she worked as a cocktail server at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel—they were married in 1976. However, their marital issues led to their 1981 divorce. As a component of their divorce agreement, Foxx committed to provide Chung around $300,000. Chung made the decision to distance herself from the public after the divorce, and it is still mostly unclear where she is now. Nevertheless, her influence on Foxx’s life and career adds depth to his comedic legacy, highlighting the human aspects behind the comedic icon.


Where was Yun Chi Chung born? Yun Chi Chung was born in Korea around 1942.

When did Yun Chi Chung marry Redd Foxx? Yun Chi Chung married Redd Foxx in 1976.

What led to Yun Chi Chung and Redd Foxx’s divorce? Yun Chi Chung and Redd Foxx divorced in 1981 due to irreconcilable differences.

What was the settlement in Yun Chi Chung and Redd Foxx’s divorce? As part of their divorce settlement, Redd Foxx agreed to pay approximately $300,000 to Yun Chi Chung.

What is known about Yun Chi Chung’s life after her divorce from Redd Foxx? Following her divorce from Redd Foxx, Yun Chi Chung deliberately withdrew from the public eye, and her current whereabouts remain largely unknown.

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