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Maya Higa Boyfriend 

Maya Higa isn’t hitched at the present time. In 2019, she was dating Matthew Rinaudo, otherwise called Mizkif, a well known YouTuber and Jerk decoration. He’s one of the proprietors of the gaming association “One Genuine Lord.” In any case, on September 14, 2021, Rinaudo shared on Twitter that they had authoritatively headed out in different directions.

Who Is Maya Higa?

A breath of fresh air in the middle of the woods is Maya Higa, an American falconer, wildlife rehabilitator, and Twitch and YouTube streamer. Born on May 24, 1998, she is a bright soul that thrives in Austin, Texas’s wilds and is closely attuned to the rhythm of the natural world. Her enthusiasm inspired her to create the Alveus Sanctuary, a refuge for uncommon and unusual animals that represents hope for the preservation of species.

In her sanctuary, dreams take flight as creatures of all sizes find solace and care. Maya’s digital presence is just as enchanting, where she hosts the captivating Conservation Cast on Twitch. She bridges the gap between environmental enthusiasts and those actively protecting nature through the storytelling of conservation through this podcast.

Every utterance and gesture made by Maya demonstrates her passion for the great outdoors. Her innate affinity with the natural world enthralls everyone who encounters her. With unwavering dedication to conservation, she navigates life’s challenges, her heart in tune with the natural world.

Maya’s generosity knows no bounds as she tends to injured animals, healing not just their bodies but also touching the hearts of bystanders. Her passion and boundless spirit inspire others to join her in protecting Earth’s treasures, fostering a future where humans and nature coexist harmoniously.

Maya has a lasting influence because she encourages coming generations to take care of the planet. She serves as a reminder of how interrelated all life is and how important it is for us to protect the environment. Her narrative is a symphony of love, empathy, and unwavering dream-chasing—a tune that reflects the beat of our world.

Maya Higa Wiki/Bio

Maya Higa, presently 24, hails from a ranch in Northern California where she spent her life as a youngster. Nowadays, she calls Austin, Texas home. Gladly American and Christian, Maya went to California Polytechnic State College subsequent to completing secondary school. In June 2020, she graduated with a four year certification in Farming Training and Correspondence. 

Maya’s excursion to distinction started with her Jerk channel, where she has gathered a critical following. She’s likewise a presence on YouTube, where she shares her inclinations in music and natural activism. Maya’s streams reverberate with her crowd, exhibiting her different interests.

Maya’s academic path began at a local private school in California before she pursued higher education at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. There, she honed her skills in communication and agricultural education, setting the stage for her future endeavors.

Full NameMaya Elaine Higa
NicknameMaya Higa
Date of BirthMay 24, 1998
Age24 Years Old
Birth PlaceCalifornia, United States
Currently Live InAustin, Texas, U.S.
ProfessionTwitch Star, YouTuber, and Social Media Personality
Years Active2019 – Present
EthnicityJapanese and American Descent
Zodiac SignGemini
Net Worth5 Million US Dollar
SchoolCalifornia’s Mountain View High School is located there. 

Maya Higa Educational Qualification

Maya Higa is a well-known personality on Twitch and YouTube thanks to her humorous gaming streams.Although her exact educational path is unknown, Maya has stated in her streams that she was a psychology major in college. Her devotion to aiding furry friends in need is well known, as is her love of animals. Maya is a go-to expert for anyone with questions regarding animal behavior and care because she kindly shares her expertise on the internet.

With her bubbly personality and captivating streams, Maya has built a huge fanbase. While she hasn’t spilled all the details about her education, Maya has hinted in interviews that she was into biology during her college days. Her passion for science and nature often shines through in her Twitch content, adding an extra layer of fascination for her viewers. Despite the mystery surrounding her schooling, Maya’s dedication to sharing knowledge keeps her fans coming back for more, whether they’re tuning in for her gaming antics or her insights into the natural world.

Education LevelInstitution
School/High SchoolCalifornia’s Mountain View High School is located there.
College/UniversityUniversity of California Polytechnic State, located in San Luis Obispo 
Education QualificationBachelor’s Degree

How tall is Maya Higa? Weight, Hair Color

Maya Higa is approximately fifty-five kilograms (121 pounds) tall. With her stunning jet-black hair and captivating dark brown eyes, she exudes natural attractiveness.

Maya’s fan base is enthralled with her updates on Instagram, where she frequently posts pictures of herself modeling. They always express their gratitude for her postings in a timely manner. Maya wears a 33 C bra cup size and her dimensions are 34, 26, 39 inches.

Maya Higa Family 

Renowned for her captivating Twitch broadcasts and imaginative content, Maya Higa has a unique bond with her younger brother, Hiro Higa, who is also a Twitch streamer. They frequently collaborate for social media posts and streams, allowing followers to go behind the scenes into their intimate bond. Maya has spoken about her parents’ encouragement for her streaming endeavors; in fact, they have appeared in a few of her films. Maya values her family dearly and treasures the moments she spends with them, both on and off screen.

Her dad, Mr. Higa, works as a businessman in Japan, while her mom stays at home and takes care of the family in the USA. Maya also has two other siblings besides Hiro: Erica, her sister, and two brothers. Interestingly, Maya’s cousin is the famous American YouTuber, comedian, actor, and producer, Ryan Higa.

Family MemberName
FatherMr. Higa
MotherMrs. Higa
SisterErica Higa

Maya Higa Personal Life

2019 saw the start of Maya Higa’s relationship with fellow Twitch streamer Matthew Rinaudo, popularly known as Mizkif. But, all changed on September 14, 2021, when Mizkif announced their breakup on Twitter. Many admirers were left wondering what transpired as he didn’t go into detail regarding the grounds for the breakup.

Maya Higa Career

Maya kicked off her streaming career on Twitch in February 2019, where she shares a mix of activities ranging from music sessions to spreading awareness about conservation. She hit a major milestone on her 21st birthday by hosting a charity event for a local homeless coalition, gaining even more recognition.

In July 2019, Maya launched her podcast, “Protection Cast,” aiming to educate listeners about animals through conversations with conservationists and experts. Her dedication paid off when she raised $3000 for the American Eagle Foundation through her first podcast.

Then, on February 10, 2021, Maya planned a 21-hour long charity stream to raise money for her non-profit exotic animal sanctuary and recently founded virtual education facility. She promised to shave her head once the fundraiser reached $500,000 as a way to encourage donations. True to her word, Maya followed through after surpassing her goal, raising an impressive total of $578,000.

Maya Higa Net worth

Although Maya Higa’s exact net worth is unknown, one thing is certain: people respect her for more than simply her fortune. Maya embodies confidence and allure with her gorgeous figure, perfect skin, and appealing features. Many young women admire her and eagerly adopt her diet and daily routines. Supported by her fans, Maya basks in the attention she receives, especially from male admirers. As of January 2023, projections estimated Maya Higa’s net worth to soar over $2 million (USD).

Maya Higa Social Media 

Loved for her gaming prowess and contagious charm, Maya Higa is a popular Twitch broadcaster and YouTuber. You’re going to love keeping up with her most recent streams and travels! Maya uses a number of social media networks regularly. For frequent updates on her streaming schedule and to interact with her and other fans, follow her on Twitter at @Maya. She streams behind-the-scenes content on Instagram (@maya_higa), giving you a glimpse into her daily life. For highlights from her thrilling streams and entertaining vlogs, don’t forget to subscribe to her YouTube channel, Maya.


Maya Higa, a prominent figure in the Twitch and YouTube community, is known for her passion for wildlife conservation and her engaging content. Born on May 24, 1998, in California, Maya now resides in Austin, Texas. She gained fame through her Twitch channel, where she shares her interests in gaming, music, and environmental activism. Maya graduated from California Polytechnic State University with a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Education and Communication. Her sanctuary, Alveus Sanctuary, serves as a haven for various animals, reflecting her commitment to conservation.


1. Who is Maya Higa’s boyfriend?

Maya Higa was in a relationship with fellow Twitch streamer Matthew Rinaudo, also known as Mizkif, starting in 2019. However, they announced their breakup on September 14, 2021, without disclosing specific reasons for the split.

2. What is Maya Higa’s educational background?

Maya attended Mountain View High School in California before pursuing higher education at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. She graduated in June 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Education and Communication. While she has hinted at being a psychology major and having an interest in biology during college, her exact educational path remains undisclosed.

3. What is Maya Higa’s net worth?

Maya Higa’s exact net worth is unknown, but it’s estimated to be over $2 million as of January 2023. However, Maya is valued not just for her financial success but also for her dedication to conservation efforts and her influence in the online community.

4. What is Maya Higa’s sanctuary, Alveus Sanctuary, about?

Alveus Sanctuary, founded by Maya Higa, is a refuge for uncommon and unusual animals. Located in Austin, Texas, the sanctuary provides care and shelter to various creatures, reflecting Maya’s commitment to wildlife conservation.

5. What social media platforms does Maya Higa use?

Maya Higa is active on several social media platforms. She frequently updates her Twitter account (@Maya) with her streaming schedule and interacts with fans. On Instagram (@maya_higa), she shares behind-the-scenes content and glimpses into her daily life. Additionally, Maya maintains a YouTube channel, Maya, where she uploads highlights from her streams and vlogs.

6. What are Maya Higa’s interests besides streaming?

Aside from streaming, Maya Higa is passionate about music and environmental activism. She hosts the Conservation Cast on Twitch, aiming to educate her audience about conservation efforts through conversations with experts. Maya’s dedication to wildlife rehabilitation and her love for the natural world shine through in her content and philanthropic endeavors.

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