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John Culmination will be 27 years of age on April 28, 2024, having been brought into the world on August 1, 1996. He became well-known in the electronic music industry when his breakthrough hit “Deep End” was released in 2020. Songs like “Revolution” and “Beauty Sleep” emphasize Summit’s ability to adapt. He has gone on to become a well-known DJ, producer, and performer ever since. He has received praise from critics and a devoted following for the contributions he has made to the field.

John Summit Wiki

John Summit, a notable presence in the electronic dance music (EDM) realm, has been stirring excitement with his pulsating rhythms and fresh sounds. His rapid ascent to stardom has enchanted listeners worldwide, sparking curiosity about his origins, private life, and musical genius.

Full nameJohn Walter Schuster
Famous asJohn Summit
Date of birth29 July 1994
Age29 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac signLeo
Place of birthChicago, Illinois, United States
Current residenceChicago, Illinois, United States
Height in feet5’6″
Height in centimetres166
Weight in pounds127
Weight in kilograms58
Hair colourDark brown
Eye colourDark brown
FatherWalter Schuster
MotherTamara Walter Schuster
Relationship statusSingle
EducationUniversity of Illinois
ProfessionDJ, producer, artist
Net worth$1 million

Who is John Summit?

Hailing from Naperville, Illinois, John Summit Wiki unearthed his love for music during his formative years. While specific details regarding his birthdate and age are not extensively documented on his Wikipedia page or other public platforms, Summit’s upbringing and early experiences are shrouded in privacy, with the spotlight primarily on his professional journey and musical exploits.

John Summit Biography

The ascent of Chicago native John Summit speaks volumes about the potency of dedication and creative fervor. Yet, what truly distinguishes him is his infectious vivacity and ceaseless zeal. Whether commanding a packed festival stage or an intimate club setting, Summit unfailingly infuses each performance with his trademark blend of high-octane energy.

With a staggering 500 million streams on Spotify alone, John boasts a colossal following of over 7 million monthly listeners and a devoted fan base. Beneath his larger-than-life persona lies a relatable, grounded artist who once navigated the corporate world as a CPA by day while sharing music production insights via YouTube tutorials by night. This dichotomy echoes in his music, striking a balance between accessibility and intricacy.

Driven by a quest for creative autonomy, John Summit birthed his own record label and event brand, Experts Only. The label’s mantra, “music without boundaries,” mirrors John’s refusal to conform and his eagerness to explore diverse sonic terrains. Through Experts Only, John orchestrates unique events in exotic locales worldwide, fostering a community of kindred spirits among artists and fans alike, bonded by their shared passion for pioneering dance music and unforgettable live experiences.

John Summit Education

Though details regarding Summit’s collegiate pursuits are scant, his trajectory into the realm of music appears to diverge from conventional academic trajectories. Instead, he immersed himself in the realms of DJing and music production, pouring his passion and commitment into honing the skills that would ultimately shape his professional journey.

John Summit Age

Born on July 29, 1994, the seasoned DJ turned 29 years old in 2023, boasting the zodiac sign of Leo.

John Summit, originally named John Walter Schuster, entered a world steeped in music, courtesy of his familial roots. His journey commenced early, embarking on piano lessons during his middle school years, while also exploring the realms of filmmaking during his high school tenure.

Height & Weight

Standing at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (166 centimeters), John Summit cuts a dynamic figure. Tipping the scales at around 127 pounds (58 kilograms), this American luminary carries himself with a balanced poise.

John Summit Career

Upon the debut of his revolutionary melody “Abyssal Abyss” back in 2020, Summit’s trajectory in the music realm ascended to unparalleled altitudes. The composition swiftly garnered acclaim, captivating audiences and etching its mark as an emblematic gem of house music. Subsequently, Summit’s presence burgeoned within the industry, propelled by this groundbreaking release.

His distinct amalgamation of techno, house, and assorted electronic modalities has earned him accolades from seasoned professionals in the field and a devoted following. A series of subsequent releases and joint ventures with esteemed musicians have cemented Summit’s status as one of the most auspicious newcomers in the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) panorama.

John Summit Net Worth

The DJ’s estimated wealth is said to be around $1 million. His fortune is mainly derived from his endeavors as a DJ, producer, and creative talent.

John Summit Personal Life

Naperville, Illinois, continues to hold a special place in John Summit’s heart, as his hometown has played a pivotal role in shaping his musical odyssey. Even amidst his rising prominence, Summit maintains a strong connection to his origins, frequently crediting his achievements to the lessons and influences garnered from his upbringing in Naperville.

Family Background

Born in the vibrant city of Chicago, Illinois, United States, the music artist entered the world as the child of Walter and Tamara Walter Schuster. Growing up in a household filled with rhythm, his father’s passion for percussion as a drummer surely influenced his own musical journey. Alongside him was his sister, Brooke, whose captivating voice would later gain recognition in its own right.

Social Media Accounts

Twitter@John Summit
YouTubeJohn Summit


Early Musical Influences: John Summit’s love for music blossomed during his childhood in Naperville, Illinois, where he was exposed to various genres thanks to his family’s diverse musical tastes.

Multi-talented Artist: In addition to his prowess as a DJ and producer, Summit is also skilled in filmmaking, having explored the craft during his high school years.

Corporate Background: Before fully dedicating himself to music, Summit navigated the corporate world as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) by day while pursuing his passion for music production through YouTube tutorials by night.

Community Engagement: Summit actively fosters a sense of community within the EDM scene through his record label, Experts Only, organizing unique events in exotic locations to bring together artists and fans who share a passion for pioneering dance music.

Rapid Rise to Stardom: Summit’s trajectory in the music industry soared with the release of his groundbreaking track “Abyssal Abyss” in 2020, quickly propelling him to prominence within the EDM landscape.

Versatile Sound: Known for his distinct blend of techno, house, and various electronic styles, Summit’s music resonates with a wide audience, earning him accolades from both fans and industry professionals alike.

Global Reach: With over 500 million streams on Spotify alone and a colossal following of over 7 million monthly listeners, Summit’s influence extends far beyond his hometown of Chicago, reaching fans across the globe.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: In addition to his success as a musician, Summit demonstrates entrepreneurial acumen by founding his own record label, providing a platform for emerging artists to showcase their talent and creativity.

Continued Connection to Roots: Despite his international acclaim, Summit remains grounded and frequently acknowledges the influence of his upbringing in Naperville, Illinois, on his musical journey and personal development.

Continuous Innovation: As an artist committed to pushing boundaries and exploring new sonic territories, Summit’s career continues to evolve, promising exciting new projects and collaborations in the future.


One well-known person in the electronic dance music (EDM) scene is John Summit. On July 29, 1994, John Walter Schuster was born in Chicago, Illinois, and became John Summit. He turned out to be notable after the distribution of his breakout single, “Profound End,” in 2020. Highest point has caught the consideration of audience members from one side of the planet to the other with a combination of techno, house, and electronic part He continues to have a close bond with his hometown of Naperville, Illinois, and is well-known for his upbeat concerts and dedication to pushing the frontiers of music.


1. What is John Summit’s real name? 

John Summit’s real name is John Walter Schuster.

2. Where was John Summit born? 

John Summit was born in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

3. How old is John Summit?

As of 2023, John Summit is 29 years old, born on July 29, 1994.

4. What is John Summit’s net worth? 

John Summit’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million, primarily from his career as a DJ, producer, and artist.

5. What is the name of John Summit’s record label? 

John Summit founded Experts Only, a record label and event brand focused on “music without boundaries.”

6. What is John Summit’s height and weight? 

John Summit stands at 5 feet 6 inches (166 centimeters) tall and weighs approximately 127 pounds (58 kilograms).

7. What is John Summit’s educational background? 

While specific details about his education are limited, John Summit is known to have attended the University of Illinois.

8. What are John Summit’s social media accounts? 

John Summit can be found on Instagram (@johnsummit), Twitter (@John Summit), YouTube (John Summit), and TikTok (@johnsummit).

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