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Evie Elise Kress graced Ohio, USA, with her presence on March 3rd, 2016. Though her time on Earth was short, her impact was profound. Battling liver cancer from childhood, Evie displayed remarkable tenacity and an unwavering spirit. Her life served as an example of kindness and resiliency. Evie’s inner light never went out despite the obstacles she encountered, bringing happiness and kindness to everyone in her path. Throughout her brief but significant life, Evie touched many people’s hearts with her contagious smile and unending love, leaving a legacy of inspiration and hope.

Who is Evie Wlise Kress? 

London Elise Kress is a well-known figure in the American entertainment industry, showcasing her talents in acting, stunt work, and online presence. Her performances have garnered acclaim, particularly in notable films like “Into the Storm,” “The Other Woman,” and “Need for Speed.” Beyond her professional endeavors, she captivates audiences by offering glimpses into her personal experiences.

Evie Wlise Kress Wiki

NameEvie Elise Kress
Age1 year (As of 2022)
Date of birthMarch 20, 2021
BirthplaceUnited States
Famous asCelebrity Kid
ParentsNathan Kress and London Elise Kress
SiblingRosie Nathan Kress
GrandparentsSteven M. Kress, Rita Kress

Challenges faced during Childhood

Evie came into the world burdened by a rare liver condition known as biliary atresia, which hindered its proper function right from the start. Surgery was swiftly performed after her birth in an attempt to reconstruct her bile ducts and provide a chance for normal liver function. Despite this initial intervention, Evie continued to struggle with jaundice and malnutrition, casting a shadow over her early days. The only glimmer of hope lay in the possibility of a liver transplant.

Just two days before her first birthday, Evie finally got the much-needed transplant after eight painful months of waiting. The Kress family clung to the notion that their health would eventually recover, but another sad turn of events quickly dashed their hopes. A few months after receiving the transplant, Evie faced a brand-new obstacle: childhood liver cancer, an uncommon and deadly condition. And thus started Evie’s brave fight with cancer, a fight that would take up the next year of her short life.

Age, Height & Weight

London Elise Kress’s age is 28 years (as of 2021). She is 5′ 6″ tall and her weight is approximately 57 kg.

Career and Achievements

London’s path into the entertainment industry began in her early years, driven by a love of modeling and acting that she developed at a young age. It was in the world of bold adventures that she initially found her feet. Her portfolio of work includes well-known motion pictures including “Grandma,” “Insidious Chapter 3,” and “Oz the Great and Powerful,” which demonstrate her ability and bring her notoriety in the field.

2014 saw London make her feature film debut in the powerful picture “Into the Storm.” She gained recognition as a rising star when her performance was well received by critics and spectators alike. Subsequently, she portrayed other characters in television shows and motion pictures, including “The Other Woman,” “Need for Speed,” and “Rake,” demonstrating her versatility as an artist.

Apart from her work on cinema, London engages with her global fan base by providing intimate peeks into her life through visually stunning posts on social media sites such as Instagram.

Evie Wlise Kress Net Worth

As of 2021, London Elise Kress has accumulated a net worth exceeding $800,000, primarily from her work in modeling, acting, brand endorsements, and promotional activities.

Inspirational moments in her life

Despite facing significant health issues from birth, Evie embraced life with a contagious zest and energy that positively impacted everyone she encountered. She used to smile peacefully as she dozed off in her mother’s arms even as a newborn. With her infectious laugh and amiable manner, Evie won over the nurses during her extended hospital visits, finding moments of joy despite the challenges.

Her parents captured many of Evie’s most uplifting moments in photos and videos shared on social media. These glimpses of Evie, beaming with joy in hospital hallways or gleefully dancing, stood as powerful reminders of her resilience. Despite enduring grueling medical treatments, her vibrant spirit remained undimmed. She approached each day with a sense of wonder, embracing its beauty and seizing every opportunity with gusto. In moments of darkness, Evie’s unwavering smile served as a guiding light, brightening the lives of those around her.

Achievements and milestones

It is very amazing how resilient Evie has remained in the midst of such great adversity. Even at such a young age, she possesses an incredible will to live in spite of difficult treatments, protracted hospital stays, and surgeries. Her tale, which involves a liver transplant at the age of 11 months and seven rounds of chemotherapy, is really inspirational.

The thing about Evie that truly sticks out is her ability to remain happy under such adversity. Her beaming grin belies her intense will to succeed in spite of challenges. Her persistent will to keep moving forward in the face of difficulty is a moving example of the human spirit’s resiliency. Through Evie’s journey, we learn that courage and optimism can persevere even in the most difficult circumstances.

Future aspirations and Goals

Evie’s brave fight against cancer tragically ended her aspirations for the future prematurely. Yet, those who knew her believe she would have pursued a life dedicated to helping others. Even from a young age, she showed extraordinary empathy and warmth, bringing joy to all who knew her.

It’s clear that Evie would have continued to nurture her talents in dance and music, which shone through even in the darkest times. With her boundless enthusiasm for life, she may have chosen a path as an educator, guiding and inspiring young minds. Perhaps she would have written stories or created art to uplift and inspire others. The potential of Evie’s vibrant spirit remains untapped, her dreams forever unrealized.

Evie Wlise Kress Husband

Regrettably, Nathan Kress first breathed life on November 18, 1992, amidst the serene environs of Glendale, California. At the tender age of thirty, he now stands as an individual of multifaceted talents, adorned with the titles of actor and director. His ascent to recognition began with his portrayal of Freddie Benson in the acclaimed Nickelodeon sitcom, iCarly, gracing screens from 2007 through 2012. Astonishingly, the year 2021 witnessed his return to the limelight with the revival of iCarly, where he reprised his role with an air of familiarity, resuming his position as an ardent admirer, numbered as the first amongst fans. He is still charming viewers in the third season of the Paramount+ series.

Nathan has acted in a number of TV shows and motion pictures, including Into the Storm, Tell Me How I Die, Video Game High School, LA to Vegas, Alexander IRL, Gym Teacher: The Movie, and 8 Bodies, in addition to his popularity on iCarly.

Evie Wlise Kress Parents

London and Kress, Evie’s parents, starred together in the gripping 2014 film Into the Storm. November 2015 marked the beginning of their wedding journey after a hectic six-month engagement. London, a talented American actress and stunt performer, was born London Elise Moore on November 2, 1992. She made her acting debut with her husband, Nathan Kress, in the 2014 film Into the Storm. Notable performances from The Other Woman (2014), Need for Speed (2014), Insidious: Chapter 3 (2015), and the TV series Rake (2014) are all included in her credits. She has also provided her talents as a stunt double for films like Grandma, Into the Storm, Oz the Great and Powerful, and Insidious: Chapter 3.

Evie’s father, Nathan Kress, gained recognition as a former child actor renowned for his portrayal of Freddie Benson in the widely beloved show ‘iCarly’. With a varied global audience, this series has gained enormous appeal. Beyond the small screen, Nathan’s acting abilities can be seen in the comedy-drama Babe: Pig in the City (1998), where he played roles like Easy and Tough Pup and provided the voice for several advertisements.

Evie Wlise Kress Family Background

Evie Elise Kress entered the world, bringing joy to her loving parents, Mike and Lindsey Kress, on March 3, 2016. She became the cherished second child in the Kress household, joining her older brother, Liam. Their family called Strongsville, Ohio, a suburb nestled near Cleveland, their home. However, from the outset of her journey, Evie encountered significant health challenges, testing her resilience and calling for unwavering courage and faith to navigate.


Birth and Background: Evie Elise Kress was born on March 3rd, 2016, in Strongsville, Ohio, USA, to her parents Nathan Kress and London Elise Kress. She was the second child in the Kress family, joining her older brother Liam.

Health Challenges: Evie faced significant health challenges from birth due to a rare liver condition called biliary atresia. She underwent surgery shortly after birth to reconstruct her bile ducts, but continued to struggle with jaundice and malnutrition. At eleven months old, she received a liver transplant, only to be diagnosed with childhood liver cancer a few months later.

Brave Fight Against Cancer: Despite her young age, Evie displayed remarkable courage and resilience throughout her battle with cancer. She underwent seven rounds of chemotherapy, enduring grueling medical treatments, hospital stays, and surgeries with a persistent will to live.

Impact and Legacy: Evie’s infectious zest for life and unwavering spirit touched the hearts of everyone she encountered. Despite the challenges she faced, she approached each day with joy and wonder, inspiring those around her with her contagious smile and positive attitude.

Family Background: Evie’s parents, Nathan Kress and London Elise Kress, are both prominent figures in the American entertainment industry. Nathan is known for his role as Freddie Benson in the Nickelodeon sitcom “iCarly,” while London is an actress and stunt performer who has appeared in various films and television shows.


On March 3rd, 2016, Evie Elise Kress was born in Ohio, USA, to parents Nathan Kress and London Elise Kress. Evie had to deal with serious health issues from birth, such as a rare liver disease and liver cancer in infancy, but she persevered and showed incredible bravery throughout her brief life. Her contagious enthusiasm for life and steadfast attitude had a tremendous effect on everyone she came into contact with. The family’s notoriety is further enhanced by the fact that Evie’s parents, Nathan and London, are well-known characters in the entertainment business.


What was Evie Elise Kress’s birthdate?

Evie Elise Kress was born on March 3rd, 2016.

What health challenges did Evie face during her childhood?

Evie faced a rare liver condition called biliary atresia from birth, which required surgery to reconstruct her bile ducts. She later battled childhood liver cancer, undergoing chemotherapy and other medical treatments.

Who are Evie Elise Kress’s parents?

Evie Elise Kress’s parents are Nathan Kress and London Elise Kress, both of whom are prominent figures in the American entertainment industry.

What was Evie’s impact and legacy?

Despite her young age, Evie’s contagious zest for life and unwavering spirit inspired those around her. Her positive attitude and joyful demeanor left a lasting impact on everyone she encountered.

What is the family background of Evie Elise Kress?

Evie Elise Kress was born into a prominent family in the entertainment industry. Her parents, Nathan Kress and London Elise Kress, are well-known actors and performers.

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