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Love Behind the Lens: Kendall Toole’s Husband and Their Inspiring Bond


Kendall is a powerful athlete who has participated professionally in cheerleading, dance, gymnastics, and boxing. Kendall went straight into what she thought would be her dream career at a software company after graduating from college. She soon discovered, though, that the culture of the job didn’t reflect her goals and ideals.

Kendall Toole Husband

Joseph Nicholas, Kendall Toole’s spouse, would rather remain anonymous and provide her with discreet backstage support while she basks in the limelight thanks to her fashion and beauty material. Joseph has been a big part of Kendall’s life, even though he prefers to keep to himself. He has always been positive and supportive. We’ll go into Joseph Nicholas’s past, his relationship with Kendall, and his influence on her professional achievements in this article. Joseph, Kendall’s husband, has been a constant companion on her path, offering her support on a personal and professional level.

Who is Kendall Toole?

The United States-born model and Instagram star Kendall Toole is well-known. She has made multiple video appearances and is well known for her engaging talents. With so many followers, Kendall is among the most powerful people on Instagram. Her followers are enthralled with her inventiveness and flare as her feed is frequently embellished with chic ensembles and gorgeous modeling photos.

Her extraordinary beauty, endearing smile, flawless style, and lively attitude are what have made her incredibly famous. In addition to gaining a devoted fan base, Kendall’s compelling photos and videos have drawn interest from numerous brands across the globe. With her ever-growing following on numerous social media sites, Kendall never fails to captivate audiences with her originality and allure.

Kendall Toole Biography

Kendall Toole will be thirty years old in 2023. On January 28, 1993, in Houston, Texas, she was born. She is Suesie Toole’s daughter, albeit not much is known about her father or any possible siblings. In addition to being an American citizen, Kendall describes herself as Caucasian and a Christian. Her zodiac sign is within the astrological sign category.Kendall received her elementary education in a nearby school in her community. She later attended the University of Southern California to further her education.

Kendall Toole Childhood

On January 28, 1993, Kendall Elizabeth Toole was born in Houston, Texas. Her family relocated to Los Angeles, California, when she was ten years old. Kendall spent her early years living with her older brother.She developed a deep passion for athletics from a young age, eventually joining the cheer squad at USC, where her love for fitness truly took flight.

Body Measurements

Kendall possesses striking beauty and exudes an incredible personality. She has a fascinating charisma despite her height of about 5 feet 7 inches and weight of about 60 kg. Although her exact measurements are unknown, her dark brown hair and brown eyes enhance her attractiveness.

Kendall Toole Mental Health

Kendall’s mental health journey serves as a potent example of the strength that can be discovered in vulnerability. She has faced many difficult obstacles with bravery and resiliency, from her early OCD diagnosis to her battles with anxiety and depression during her college years.

Her choice to be transparent about her experiences—especially with—shows how deeply committed she is to dismantling the stigma associated with mental health. Kendall wants to encourage people by telling her story to love who they are and get the help they require without feeling guilty or condemned.

By being open about her own difficulties, Kendall draws attention to a feeling that many people with mental health problems experience: a feeling of brokenness or inadequacy. However, she is shattering this false belief and demonstrating to others that their difficulties do not determine their value through her path of self-acceptance and transparency.

Kendall is fostering a more sympathetic and understanding culture by pushing for increased knowledge and comprehension of mental health. Her message reassures others who may feel alone in their experiences by telling them that they are not alone and that asking for help is a show of strength rather than weakness.

In essence, Kendall’s bravery in sharing her experience gives others hope by fostering an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding where they can feel at ease.

Kendall Toole Kendall Toole Career

In 2012, Kendall kicked off her career journey with an internship at Kesley Edwards Photography. The next year, she landed a role as a development assistant at GetLifted Film Co. In June 2015, she took on a short-lived position as a production assistant.

Following that, Kendall joined “Pony Show Entertainment” as a production assistant from August 2014 to July 2015. Soon after, she transitioned to Snap Inc. where she served as a narrative editor from 2015 to 2017.

Kendall Toole Professional Life

Toole began her professional journey back in 2012 when she landed an internship at Kesley Edwards Photography. Over the years, she took on different roles, working as a development assistant at GetLifted Film Co. and as a production assistant at Pony Show Entertainment. Additionally, Toole contributed as a narrative editor for Snap Inc.

Kendall Toole Net Worth

According to some studies, Kendall Toole’s estimated net worth as of 2023 is closer to $2 million than $3 million. She has made this wealth through a range of business ventures.

Working across multiple businesses, Kendall’s salary has improved significantly. She makes more than $61,000 a year working as a fitness professional.

Additionally, Kendall’s expertise as a content writer brings in roughly $65,000 annually. She has worked in a number of roles for almost her whole career; the most famous one was Production Assistant at Pony Show Entertainment, where she was paid around $23,000 a year.

Kendall Toole’s Personal Life

Many people have found inspiration in Kendall Toole, which has encouraged them to begin their own fitness adventures. Kendall has been rather private about her dating experiences, despite her admirers’ curiosity about her personal life. She did, however, just lately make the decision to discuss her relationship.

In September, Kendall shared details about her current partner, Joseph Nicholas. Kendall claims that they started dating in April 2020 after meeting while she was visiting El Salvador. In September 2020, after keeping their romance quiet for several months, Kendall eventually posted a picture of the two of them on social media, along with the tale of how they initially became acquainted.

Kendall Toole’s Family

The most popular person on the planet, Kendall Toole Elizabeth, was born in Houston, Texas, on January 28, 1993, to parents Suesie and Rick. Despite her Texas birth, she spent her formative years in Los Angeles, where she believes her environment helped prepare her for maturity.

With family roots tracing back to Italy, Kendall has a strong connection to the country. She even studied there, and her LinkedIn profile indicates proficiency in the language. The significant influence that her father Rick has had on Kendall’s life has been publicly discussed.

Kendall wrote, “I got to honor one of the most important people in my life, my dad,” in an emotional Instagram post dedicated to her father published in July 2020. She considered what Dad had taught her—that even while life can knock you down, it can never knock you out.

Kendall deeply values the support, guidance, and laughter her father has brought into her life. Rick’s role as her father is one Kendall will forever cherish, embodying the love and gratitude a daughter holds for her supportive dad.

Relationhsip Status

A close friend of Toole shared with her the secret to running a successful company: keeping a “vision board.” Inspired by this advice and her commitment to a healthy lifestyle, she pinned up a picture of a boxer on her wall. This decision eventually led her to land a position at Peloton.

Motivated by her newfound career path, she created a second vision board adorned with images of surfers, a vibrant blue Morpheus butterfly, and her crush, Jon Krasinski.

As fate would have it, Toole and her Peloton buddies embarked on a surfing getaway to El Salvador just as the world was grappling with the pandemic. It was during this trip that she crossed paths with Nicholas while hiking with a group of guys near some waterfalls. After bravely leaping off a cliff into the pool below, Toole struck up a pleasant conversation with Nicholas, marking the beginning of their connection.

Their Romance

The love story of Kendall and Joseph is truly memorable. They sensed an indisputable connection and knew deep down that they were meant to be together from the moment their eyes met in El Salvador. They haven’t been apart since, and their relationship has gotten stronger every day. Since 2021, or maybe even before—who can say for sure?—their love has been progressively expanding. But one thing’s certain: their love is a beautiful journey that continues to blossom.

Kendall Toole – Social Media

In the realm of social networking, Kendall Toole has established her presence. She maintains an account on Facebook bearing the moniker Kendall Toole – Peloton, boasting a following of approximately 77k individuals. Furthermore, her Instagram presence, @kendalltoole, garners a noteworthy audience of around 814k admirers. Conversely, her Twitter handle, @fitxkendall, boasts a following of 40.8k supporters.


Name: Kendall Toole’s husband is Joseph Nicholas.

Preference for Privacy: Joseph Nicholas prefers to maintain anonymity and provide discreet support to Kendall behind the scenes, allowing her to shine in the public eye due to her fashion and beauty endeavors.

Supportive Role: Despite his preference for privacy, Joseph has been a significant presence in Kendall’s life, offering unwavering support both personally and professionally.

Positive Influence: Described as positive and supportive, Joseph’s influence has likely played a role in Kendall’s professional achievements and personal growth.

Long-Term Relationship: Joseph and Kendall have been in a relationship since at least April 2020, according to Kendall’s social media post. Their relationship gradually became public, with Kendall sharing details about their romance in September 2020.

Memorable Meeting: Joseph Nicholas and Kendall Toole crossed paths in El Salvador, where they felt an immediate and undeniable connection while engaging in outdoor activities. This meeting marked the beginning of their relationship journey.

Strong Bond: Since their initial meeting, Joseph and Kendall have remained inseparable, and their relationship has continued to strengthen over time.


Joseph Nicholas is the loving spouse of Kendall Toole, a renowned American model and Instagram influencer. Despite his inclination towards privacy, Joseph wholeheartedly supports Kendall, providing her with quiet encouragement behind the scenes as she basks in the glow of fame. Their journey together commenced in April 2020, and over time, they have nurtured a deep and unwavering connection.


What is the name of Kendall Toole’s husband?

Kendall Toole’s husband is Joseph Nicholas.

How does Joseph Nicholas support Kendall Toole?

Joseph Nicholas provides discreet backstage support to Kendall Toole while she enjoys her public career in fashion and beauty.

When did Kendall Toole and Joseph Nicholas start dating?

Kendall Toole and Joseph Nicholas began dating in April 2020, as per Kendall’s social media post.

Where did Kendall Toole and Joseph Nicholas meet?

Kendall Toole and Joseph Nicholas crossed paths in El Salvador while engaging in outdoor activities, marking the beginning of their relationship.

How would you describe Joseph Nicholas’s influence on Kendall Toole?

Joseph Nicholas is described as positive and supportive, likely playing a significant role in Kendall Toole’s personal and professional achievements.

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