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Yasmine Bleeth is a notable and achieved person in the diversion world. A great many people are know all about her from the famous TV program Baywatch. Entertainer and belle of the ball Bleeth is notable for her abundance, which has developed after some time. This page inspects Yasmine Bleeth’s types of revenue, proficient foundation, and extended total assets starting around 2024.

Yasmine Bleeth Net Worth

The gifted American performer Yasmine Bleeth has spread out a productive calling in both film and television. Her most notable part may be from the popular television series “Baywatch,” in which she highlighted as Caroline Holden from 1993 to 1997. She rose to prominence before that in her roles as LeeAnn Demerest and Ryan Fenelli on “One Life to Live.”

Not that Bleeth’s charisma and acting skills ended there. In addition, from 1998 to 2000, she left her imprint on “Nash Bridges” as Inspector Caitlin Cross. She branched out from television and began acting in comedies like “BASEketball” and touching dramas like “Undercover Angel.”

While her career has seen its highs on television and in cinema, her most recent credited role dates back to the 2003 TV movie “Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding.” Despite this, Bleeth’s contributions to entertainment continue to be remembered and appreciated.

Who is Yasmine Bleeth?

Yasmine Bleeth, she’s got that captivating aura that just draws you in, right? Born and raised right in the heart of New York City, she’s this beautiful mix of backgrounds. Her dad, Phillip, he’s got roots in Germany and Russia, while her mom, Carina, comes from Algeria and France. Talk about a melting pot!

But get this – Yasmine’s been in the spotlight since she was practically a baby. I mean, at just ten months old, she’s already starring in Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo commercials. And as she grows up, she’s not just about looks – she’s hitting the books too, attending the United Nations International School in the Big Apple.

Her journey to fame? It’s filled with these cool moments. Like when she’s six, she’s already making TV appearances and modeling alongside big names like Cristina Ferrare. And then, bam! Legendary fashion photographer Francesco Scavullo spots her. He even puts her and her mom in his book, “Scavullo Women.” Can you imagine? That’s when Yasmine knows for sure she’s meant for the big screen. And with that determination, she’s ready to take Hollywood by storm.

Yasmine Bleeth Early Life

Yasmine Bleeth came into this world as Yasmine Amanda Bleeth on June 14, 1968, squarely in the clamoring heart of New York City. Carina, her mother, was a runway model, and Philip, her father, was all about running his own business. Talk about a power couple!

Now, Yasmine’s journey to stardom? It kicked off practically before she could walk. Imagine that at the age of 10 months, she is already the star of a Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo commercial. She’s not simply a gorgeous face either; as she gets older, she’s studying hard and going to the United Nations International School in her hometown.

But this Bleeth family tale is not over yet. Yasmine’s not flying solo – she’s got two siblings, Tristan and Miles, rounding out the crew. It’s like the perfect recipe for a family full of charisma and talent.

Yasmine Bleeth Wiki

Full NameYasmine Amanda Bleeth
NicknameYasmine Bleeth
Main ProfessionActress
Born InNew York City, New York, USA
BirthdayJune 14, 1968
Age as of 202254 years old
Height1.65 m
Height in Feet5 feet 4 inches
Height in cm165 cm
Weight60 kg
Weight in Pound132 pounds
Marital ConditionMarried
SpousePaul Cerrito (Married in 2002)
Net Worth$3 million

Yasmine Bleeth: Age, Height, and Weight

Born on June 14, 1968, Yasmine Bleeth has started to establish a routine as of January 24, 2021. Standing five feet five inches tall, she exudes balance and tastefulness and exudes conviction.  Furthermore, she weighs 60 kg, which is a good overall arrangement for her. She obviously radiates an immortal tastefulness as well as being imperishable.

Yasmine Bleeth Education

Yasmine Bleeth attended the Unified Nations Worldwide School, where she focused on her high school education. Alongside hitting the books, she also delved into acting from a young age, honing her craft and passion for the stage and screen.

Yasmine Bleeth Career

Yasmine Bleeth’s life has been extremely unpredictable since she came into the spotlight. Imagine that this six-year-old is already creating a name for herself on television, having appeared on “Candid Camera” and sharing the screen in a Max Factor commercial with Cristina Ferrare. Not to mention the time she attracted the attention of fashion great Francesco Scavullo, landing her and her mother a place in his renowned book “Scavullo Women”.

But her story doesn’t end there. From her early film debut to her tragic hiatus when her mother passed away, Yasmine’s career has been full of both triumph and tragedy. She has however been successful in leaving her stamp on Hollywood history in spite of everything.

Who could forget her enduring portrayal as Caroline Holden on “Baywatch,” where she adorned the covers of publications like “People” and “FHM” and became a household name? Her abilities don’t stop there; she has dazzled on screen in films such as “Heaven or Vegas” and “BASEketball,” demonstrating that she is more than just a lovely face.

However, Yasmine’s fortitude and grace in the face of difficulty are what truly make her stand out. She has persevered in shining and enthralling audiences with her charm and talent despite the ups and downs. She also serves as a constant reminder of why she is one of Hollywood’s most lasting icons with every new job and appearance.

Yasmine Bleeth movies and TV shows

Yasmine Bleeth began her career as an actor at a remarkable young age. Simply envision, at 12 years of age, she’s as of now landing jobs in films like “Hello Angel!” Discuss a leap forward!

She is a rising star on daytime television and starred in the soap opera “Ryan’s Hope” by the time she turns sixteen. Nevertheless, as fate would have it, just as her career is taking off, bad luck strikes.  In 1989, her reality is flipped around with the deficiency of her mom to bosom disease. It is a devastating blow that reframes everything.

For some time, acting assumes a lower priority as Yasmine wrestles with her distress. Yet, consistent with her versatile soul, she in the long run tracks down her direction back to the spotlight, assuming the job of LeeAnn Demerest in “One Life to Live.”

Then comes the job that really characterizes her profession – Caroline Holden in “Baywatch.” Picture Yasmine, shaking that famous red bathing suit, close by legends like David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson. Yasmine’s celebrity power doesn’t end there, either. From “Titans” to “Hidden War,” she has enthralled viewers on and off screen. Not to mention her equally impressive modeling career, in which she even started her own swimwear line, “Yaz Wear.”

Yasmine Bleeth is an incredible force in Hollywood, possessing talent, tenacity, and beauty. From her part in “Titans” to her appearance in “Stowed away Conflict,” she keeps on charming crowds both on screen and off. She also excels in modeling, where she even launched her own swimwear line called “Yaz Wear.”

With ability, flexibility, and excellence for sure, Yasmine Bleeth is genuinely an awe-inspiring phenomenon in Hollywood.

Award Nominations

The soap opera industry has also taken note of Bleeth’s abilities. She was nominated for an Outstanding Youth Actor/Actress in a Daytime or Prime Time Serial in 1986 because of her performance in “Ryan’s Hope.” She also received another nomination in 1993, this time for Hottest Female Star in recognition of her work on “One Life to Live.” Her talents are obviously attracting attention and winning her well-earned acclaim along the way.

Yasmine Bleeth Family & Husband & Children

Yasmine Bleeth encountered an unexpected person after a series of unexpected detours on her path to love. Imagine her checking herself into a Malibu rehab facility in December 2000, addressing her cocaine addiction head-on. She had no idea that love was waiting for her at that place.

During her stay, she meets Paul Cerrito, a charming strip club owner. They click right away, and their brief romance takes them both by surprise. They fall madly in love with one another before they even realize it.

Yasmine and Paul decide to make the big decision and get married after strengthening their friendship and bond. On this lovely August 25, 2002, in Santa Barbara, California, they exchange vows in front of their loved ones. Subsequent to moving this way and that between homes in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Los Angeles, they started sharing life’s ups and downs.

Yasmine doesn’t provide any information about her children on her personal blog. It appears that she has made the decision to keep all information about her children private.

Before finding lasting love with Paul, Yasmine had her share of romantic ups and downs. There were engagements and relationships that didn’t quite work out. From her time with Award Show to a brief fling with Luke Perry, Yasmine’s love life had its fair share of famous faces.

But through it all, she’s stayed strong, finding her true happiness in her marriage to Paul. And while her past relationships may have made headlines, what truly matters is the love and joy she’s found in her life today.

Yasmine Bleeth Personal Life

Yasmine Bleeth has had an extraordinary journey to overcome her addiction. Her courageous admission to Promises Rehabilitation Clinic with the goal of kicking her cocaine addiction marked the beginning of it all. There she met Paul Cerrito, and despite everything, they became incredibly in love. On August 25, 2002, they sealed the deal, denoting the beginning of another section in her life.

Yasmine, on the other hand, endured a significant setback in 2001 just as circumstances were beginning to improve. The fact that cocaine-related goods were found didn’t help her case; she was detained in Michigan for driving while intoxicated. She took the difficulties head-on and agreed to a plea deal that included community service and probation.

Yet, Yasmine didn’t let her struggles define her. Instead, she used her voice to support causes close to her heart. From raising millions for breast cancer research through the Lee National Denim Day campaign to partnering with Ford Motor Company for the Race for the Cure initiative, she made a difference.

Not to be forgotten is her time on “Celebrity Jeopardy!”, where she participated and gave her winnings to support the study of breast cancer. She continued to advocate after that. She opened out about her experience with addiction and rehabilitation in an honest piece for Glamour magazine titled “Back from My Drugs Hell,” which inspired a great deal of people.

Yasmine’s fortitude is evident throughout. Her narrative honors the human spirit’s capacity to overcome hardship and triumph in the face of adversity.


  • Early Life and Schooling: Brought into the world on June 14, 1968, in New York City, Yasmine Bleeth started her excursion to fame very early in life, featuring in ads at only 10 months old. While she pursued her interest in acting, she attended the United Nations International School.
  • Highlights of my career: Bleeth’s profession saw early accomplishment with appearances on network shows like “Sincere Camera” and in plugs close by famous figures like Cristina Ferrare. She earned far reaching respect for her parts in dramas like “One Life to Live” and “Ryan’s Expectation.”
  • Advancement Job: As Caroline Holden in the iconic television series “Baywatch,” Bleeth became a household name and appeared on the covers of magazines like “People” and “FHM.” This was her breakthrough role.
  • Movie Profession: Notwithstanding her TV achievement, Bleeth wandered into film, featuring in motion pictures, for example, “BASEketball” and “Paradise or Vegas,” displaying her adaptability as an entertainer.
  • Individual Life: Bleeth found love and stability with her husband, Paul Cerrito, whom she married in 2002, despite her personal struggles, which included battles with addiction.
    Advancement Work: Bleeth has used her foundation to bring issues to light and support causes that are of high repute to her, like backing for restoration and investigation into bosom malignant growth.
  • Absolute resources: Beginning around 2024, Yasmine Bleeth’s all out resources is evaluated to be around $3 million, reflecting her successful occupation in both television and film.


Yasmine Bleeth’s rise from a teenage Hollywood commercial star to a household name is evidence of both her talent and tenacity. She has persevered in captivating audiences with her personality and acting ability despite overcoming personal obstacles. Beginning with her early career in soap operas and continuing with her legendary part in “Baywatch,” Bleeth has had a lasting impact on the entertainment world.


1.How much money does Yasmine Bleeth have starting in 2024?

Yasmine Bleeth is projected to be worth $3 million in 2024.

2. Which achievements in Yasmine Bleeth’s career stand out the most?

Bleeth acquired acclaim for her jobs in dramas like “One Life to Live” and “Ryan’s Expectation,” however her advancement accompanied her depiction of Caroline Holden in “Baywatch.” She has likewise featured in movies, for example, “BASEketball” and “Paradise or Vegas.”

3. Which personal difficulties has Yasmine Bleeth encountered?

Bleeth has struggled enslavement, remarkably conquering a cocaine fixation with the backing of her significant other, Paul Cerrito, whom she wedded in 2002. She has utilized her encounters to advocate for restoration and backing causes like bosom malignant growth research.

4. Which commitments has Yasmine Bleeth made beyond acting?

Notwithstanding her acting profession, Bleeth has involved her foundation to bring issues to light for different causes, including bosom disease research. She has likewise been associated with backing work for recovery and enslavement support.

5. What started Yasmine Bleeth’s career?

Bleeth started her profession quite early in life, featuring in ads and making TV appearances. She earned respect for her work in dramas prior to handling her breakout job in “Baywatch.”

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