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Andy Elliott Net Worth: Salary & All Income Resources You Need to Know


Andy Elliott was born into an American Christian family on October 21, 1979. His journey towards success commenced in the United States, where, at the age of 18, he cultivated a profound interest in automobiles. This fervor spurred him to delve into opportunities within a car dealership, thereby initiating a remarkable career trajectory in automotive sales.

Andy Elliott Net Worth

Andy Elliott has amassed a significant fortune, estimated at around $12 million, showcasing his skills not only as a savvy entrepreneur but also as an expert in the field of car sales. His inventive approaches to sales training, shrewd business acumen, and ability to capitalize on market trends have played pivotal roles in his remarkable financial success.

Net Worth$12 Million
FacebookAndy Elliott Facebook
InstagramAndy Elliott Instagram
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Apart from showcasing his financial achievements, Andy Elliott’s net worth also highlights his influence in educating others about effective car sales techniques.

Who is Andy Elliott?

Andy Elliott is widely recognized as a savvy entrepreneur with a talent for coaching individuals in the art of car sales. He has elevated the standard for the industry with his innovative approaches. The luminary known as Andy Elliott, heralded as the originator and Chief Executive Officer of The Elliott Group, has been instrumental in propelling numerous individuals and enterprises towards success, thus cementing his stature as a pivotal figure in the automotive sector. His enterprising zeal and wealth of experience in sales training have honed his acumen for a prosperous tenure within the vehicular domain, poised to imprint an indelible mark on the industry.

Andy Elliott Biography

Andy Elliott, a prominent figure in the field of automotive sales training and a notable influencer on social media, epitomizes achievement and vigor. With an estimated net worth of $5 million as of 2023, Elliott is not only a renowned American entrepreneur but also a formidable force in the automotive industry.

Real NameAndy Elliott
Nick NameAndy Elliott
Age45 Years
Weight75 kg
Relationship StatusJacqueline Elliott

Andy Elliott Education

During his early years, Andy Elliott nurtured a strong desire for achievement and a profound interest in automobiles. From a young age, he exhibited an unending curiosity about cars and their sales processes. Driven by this passion, he committed himself to gaining the necessary expertise for his future career. Elliott’s educational path was centred on refining his business and marketing skills, establishing a robust groundwork for his ventures in the competitive domain of automotive sales. His academic endeavours not only provided him with essential knowledge but also moulded his strategic outlook on the industry and influenced his approaches to teaching sales techniques to others.

Andy Elliott’s Physical Appearance

Andy Elliott exudes a sense of confidence and efficiency in his demeanor. With a height of 5’9″ and a weight of about 75 kg, he demonstrates a dedication to his own health. Elliott is a well-known and accomplished businessman in the car sales industry, and his immaculate look belies his confidence.

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Renowned for his flawless grooming and assured demeanor, he garners respect and admiration, solidifying his reputation as a distinguished leader in his field.

Andy Elliott’s Height

Andy Elliott’s an exceptional individual standing at an impressive height of 5 feet 11 inches, equivalent to 180 centimetres or 1.8 metres, showcases a dedication to excellence that transcends his professional pursuits and extends to his personal fitness routine. He maintains an exceptional physique even in his early years, sporting six-pack abs, noticeable muscle development, and a mere 6% body fat.

Andy Elliott Age

Andy came into this world during October of 1980, although the specific date remains private. He is a young man of forty-three as of the year 2024.

He currently makes his home in Scottsdale, Arizona, which is in the US. Andy enjoys his birthday with his three cherished children and his beautiful wife every year.

Andy Elliott Career

Andy Elliott’s career trajectory is a narrative of victory, ingenuity, and forward-thinking leadership in the field of automotive sales education. Right from the start, he possessed a passionate ambition to transform the worldwide arena of automobile sales.

OccupationFounder and CEO of The Elliott Group, Automotive Sales Trainer
Famous ForLeadership in Automotive Sales Training, Entrepreneurship
AwardsInformation Not Available
Additional InfoFormer Professional Footballer, Renowned for Innovative Sales Techniques

Motivated by his desire to start his own business, Elliott set out to build The Elliott Group, where he is in charge of creating cutting-edge sales training plans and techniques. His methodology is grounded in pragmatic efficacy, prioritizing the development of abilities that result in quantifiable consequences. Through his leadership, The Elliott Group has become a leading hub for automotive sales training, empowering numerous individuals and businesses to reach their sales goals.

Andy Elliott’s Other Interesting Hobbies

Andy Elliott spends his free time doing things that show off his creative and inventive side. He tries to keep up with the most recent advancements in the automobile technology industry since he finds it to be quite fascinating.

Elliott also finds inspiration and comfort in traveling across the great outdoors and pursuing objectives that encourage rest and creativity. His hobbies truly mirror his personality, seamlessly blending his love for cars with his quest for knowledge and creative expression.

Andy Elliott Personal Life

Andy has a lovely family that he shares with his spouse, Jacqueline Elliott. After many years of marriage, the couple has been blessed with two girls and a son, who are all great children. Their daughters Kira and Sofia are seven and 10 years old, respectively, while their son Ian is twelve.

Jacqueline is the CEO of the Elliott Group and a digital content developer. Her hometown is Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.

After two years of courtship, they exchanged vows on July 4, 2008. They had begun dating in 2006. Their loved ones were present at their recent ecstatic celebration of their 15th wedding anniversary.

Jacqueline turns forty on November 6th, a day she celebrates with grace and style. Thanks to her tremendous online presence, she has over 40k social media followers, including an amazing 35k on Instagram and 6k on Facebook.

Andy Elliott’s Parents & Siblings

Andy comes from a Christian American background, embracing both his American heritage and the values of Christianity. His father, Jeff Elliott, holds a significant place in his life. However, Andy prefers to keep information about his mother and siblings private.

Relationship Status

Andy Elliott is renowned for his unwavering commitment to family values and his dedication to his loved ones. His wife, Jacqueline Elliott, shares a close and meaningful relationship with him, built on mutual respect and understanding. Andy ardently upholds the necessity of preserving an equitable balance between his occupational responsibilities and personal pledges, recognizing the paramount importance of each in his day-to-day existence.

His intimate bond with Jacqueline endows him with fortitude and encouragement, nurturing his individual progression and empowering him to excel both personally and professionally.

Social Media Accounts

Andy Elliott is deeply involved in several social media platforms, with a particular focus on Facebook and Instagram. These platforms provide him with channels to share his thoughts, engage with fellow members of the automotive community, and stay updated on the latest industry advancements.

Social Media PlatformAccount Handle
FacebookAndy Elliott Facebook
InstagramAndy Elliott Instagram
TwitterAndy Elliott Twitter

Andy uses his social media profiles to highlight his multifaceted roles as both an entrepreneur and educator. He combines updates about his business ventures with personal reflections, creating a blend that resonates with his audience. Through these platforms, Andy broadens his reach, connecting with a diverse audience to share valuable insights and stories from his experiences in training automotive sales professionals.


Net Worth: Andy Elliott’s net worth is estimated to be around $12 million as of the latest available information.

Career Path: He began his career in the automotive industry at a young age, starting in a car dealership and later founding The Elliott Group.

Influence: Andy Elliott is known for his innovative sales training techniques and his impact on the automotive sales sector.

Social Media Presence: He maintains active profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where he shares insights and engages with his audience.

Family Life: Andy is married to Jacqueline Elliott, and they have three children together.


Andy Elliott, born in 1979, has built a successful career in automotive sales, culminating in an estimated net worth of $12 million. His journey began with a passion for cars, leading to roles in car dealerships and eventually founding The Elliott Group. Andy Elliott has gained renown for his innovative methodologies within the automotive industry and his adeptness in imparting sales expertise. His bond with his spouse, Jacqueline, and their trio of offspring exemplifies his dedication to preserving conventional familial principles.


What is Andy Elliott’s net worth? 

Andy Elliott’s net worth is approximately $12 million.

What is Andy Elliott known for? 

Andy Elliott is known for his success as an entrepreneur in automotive sales, particularly for his innovative sales training techniques.

What is The Elliott Group?

The Elliott Group is a company founded by Andy Elliott, focusing on cutting-edge sales training in the automotive industry.

Does Andy Elliott have a family? 

Yes, Andy Elliott is married to Jacqueline Elliott, and they have three children together.

Where can I find Andy Elliott on social media? 

Andy Elliott is active on Facebook (Andy Elliott Facebook), Instagram (Andy Elliott Instagram), and Twitter (Andy Elliott Twitter), where he shares insights about his career and life.

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