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Eleanor Talitha Bailey: Navigating Fame with Grace and Privacy


Eleanor Talitha Bailey bears a striking resemblance to her mother. Eleanor was born the third of model Devon Aoki’s children and her husband, James Bailey. She has regularly assisted her mother in group projects and can be seen in her social media posts with her siblings. Devon Aoki, Talitha’s mother, is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry. She has starred in several movies, walked on esteemed fashion runways, and featured on magazine covers. James Bailey, Talitha’s father, on the other hand, has established a prosperous commercial career for himself.

Who is Eleanor Talitha Bailey?

Presenting Eleanor Talitha Bailey, the well-known American actress and model Devon Aoki’s kid.

Famous for her famous role as Suki in “2 Fast 2 Furious,” Devon has modeled for major brands including Adidas, L’Oréal, and Tiffany & Co. and appeared on magazine covers.

Following in her mother’s footsteps, Eleanor has also appeared in advertisements for a number of these prestigious companies. Moreover, she has taken on the role of brand ambassador for a travel luggage brand, injecting her unique style into the realm of endorsements.

Profile Summary

Full nameEleanor Talitha Bailey
Date of birthFebruary 12, 2015
Age9 years in 2024
Birth signAquarius
Place of birthUnited States
ParentsDevon Aoki (mother), James Bailey (Father)
SiblingsThree, including Alessandra Linville Bailey (sister), James Hunter Jr (brother), Evelyn Bailey (sister)
RelativesSteve Aoki (Uncle), Hiroaki Aoki (Grandfather), Pamela Hilburger (Grandmother)
Known forBeing Devon Aoki

Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s Age

Eleanor Talitha Bailey is 9 years old in 2024. She was born on February 12, 2015, in the United States. Her mixed ethnicity includes Japanese, German, and English from her mother’s side.

Height & Weight

Eleanor Talitha Bailey stands at a height of 4 feet and 3 inches, or 1.29 meters or 129 cm. She is 39 kilos, or 86 pounds, in weight.Eleanor, a delightful young girl, has attracted admiration and a fan base, partly due to her mother’s accomplished career and standing. Despite her small size, she exudes a captivating charm and attractive physical features, adding to her undeniable appeal.

Nationality & Ethnicity

Eleanor Talitha Bailey entered the world on February 12, 2015, within the borders of the United States of America. Consequently, she carries American citizenship, embraces a diverse ethnic background, and adheres to the Christian belief system.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s Career

By the tender age of eight, Eleanor Bailey started gaining recognition, largely propelled by her mother, Devon Aoki, an accomplished American actress, model, and TV personality.

Devon Aoki has left an indelible mark on the US entertainment landscape. Renowned for her roles in successful films such as “2 Fast 2 Furious,” “Sin City,” and “DOA,” she has made a significant impact. Aoki’s career skyrocketed after her debut on the runway in 1997, leading to collaborations with prestigious brands like Chanel. By the age of sixteen, she had become the face of Versace, gracing magazine covers worldwide and even venturing into design with Levi’s +D line.

Her influence transcended the fashion world; Aoki returned to the Moschino runway, starred in diverse campaigns, and showcased her acting prowess in movies like “War” and “Mutant Chronicles,” along with a brief appearance in Arrow Season Three. In addition to her acting endeavors, Aoki has appeared in documentaries, including one centered on her brother Steve. Eleanor Bailey’s journey is intricately woven into the rich tapestry of her mother’s illustrious career.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Eleanor Bailey, at the age of eight, doesn’t possess an individual net worth, which is quite expected considering her young age. Naturally, her primary focus revolves around education and personal development rather than pursuing income-generating activities or ventures.

Currently, Eleanor is following a path similar to her mother’s, engaging in minor advertising and branding endeavors alongside her siblings. While these undertakings contribute to her visibility, they don’t constitute a formal career or a source of income for her at this stage.

It’s important to highlight that Eleanor is part of the substantial wealth accumulated by her parents, who have diligently worked to establish their financial stability. Her mother, Devon Aoki, boasts a net worth of $30 million as of 2023, indicative of the family’s financial prosperity and providing Eleanor with a secure and privileged environment to thrive.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s Grandparents

Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s maternal grandfather, Hiroaki Aoki, led a captivating life as an amateur wrestler and powerboat racer, recognized under his stage moniker, Rocky. Originating from Japan, he eventually settled in the United States, where he achieved success in managing a Benihana restaurant.

On her paternal side, Eleanor’s grandmother, Pamela Hilburger, is a skilled artist in both painting and jewelry design, hailing from a lineage that blends German and English heritage. Following her separation from Aoki in 1991, Pamela opted for a more private existence, navigating her journey through life with her creative endeavors.

Marriage of Devon Aoki and James Bailey

Devon Aoki and James Bailey wove their own captivating love tale within the glamorous world they inhabit. Their journey began with a serendipitous blind date, igniting a romance that surpassed the glitz of the silver screen. After a whirlwind courtship, they took a leap of faith, deciding to embrace engagement in just six months. On April 23, 2011, their wedding day in Los Angeles transformed into a jubilant affair, shared with their beloved ones.

Their connection is founded on genuine intimacy, transcending the transient allure often associated with Hollywood. Eleanor Talitha Bailey, one of their four extraordinary children, holds a special position in the family that Devon and James have tenderly nurtured—a haven of happiness. Their narrative stands as a testament to the enduring power of love and commitment in a society where memories often fade swiftly.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s Parents

Eleanor’s parents, James Bailey and Devon Aoki, became engaged in 2010 and exchanged vows about a year later in April 2011. Her mother, Devon, is a renowned American actress and model. She is the offspring of the late Hiroaki Aoki, a former Olympic wrestler and the founder of the Benihana restaurant chain. Devon’s mother is Pamela Hilburger, a notable jewel designer.

Inception of her modeling journey at the tender age of thirteen, Devon ascended to prominence as the epitome of elegance for Versace at the age of sixteen. A pivotal moment in her career ensued with a fleeting appearance in “Sin City” (2005) subsequent to her leading role in “2 Fast 2 Furious” (2003). James Bailey, the consort of Devon Aoki, boasts a career as an analyst at the esteemed Boston-based firm TA Associates, coupled with the distinction of being an alumnus of Harvard University.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey is supported by her parents

Eleanor Bailey, though young, currently doesn’t possess an individual net worth, relying instead on her parents for financial support. Yet, she hails from a family of notable wealth.

Her mother, the renowned model and actress Devon Aoki, is estimated to hold a net worth of $30 million, while her father, James Bailey, is believed to have a net worth of $4 million.

Despite her tender age, Eleanor has already ventured into modeling and acting, serving as a brand ambassador for companies such as Away, alongside her siblings, mother, and even herself. With her familial background and early exposure, Eleanor might follow in her mother’s footsteps and pursue a career as a nurse.

The family’s substantial wealth is evident in the lavish lifestyle enjoyed by Devon Aoki, who possesses multiple mansions in Benedict Canyon and Los Angeles. Raised in such opulence, Eleanor grows up in a financially secure environment, setting the stage for a life abundant with opportunities.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s Siblings

Eleanor is blessed with three siblings, comprising two sisters and a brother. Her elder sister, Alessandra Linville Bailey, graced the world on February 12, 2013, making her 10 years old as of 2024. Meanwhile, her elder brother, James Hunter Jr., came into the family’s embrace in 2011, marking him as 13 years old. Completing the Aoki-Bailey quartet is their youngest sibling, Evelyn, who entered the world in 2020, now aged 3(years).

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Relationships

At the tender age of eight, Eleanor Talitha Bailey is fully immersed in her studies, with thoughts of dating far from her mind – after all, she’s simply relishing the joys of childhood.

Currently, Eleanor finds contentment in her unmarried status, embracing the innocence and excitement of youth. Meanwhile, her parents, Devon Aoki and James Bailey, share a love story that rivals any fairy tale, set amidst the glitz and glamour of their world.

Their tale commenced with a serendipitous encounter, a blind date that ignited a romance surpassing even the most enchanting Hollywood narratives. Following a whirlwind courtship, they made the bold decision to become engaged within a mere six months. On April 23, 2011, their love story unfolded into a beautiful chapter with a wedding ceremony in Los Angeles, surrounded by the affection and support of cherished friends and family.

While Eleanor revels in the joys of childhood discovery, her parents’ enduring love story serves as a poignant reminder that genuine love transcends all, crafting a magical journey that defies expectation.

Social Media

Many young individuals hailing from notable backgrounds, particularly those born into the spotlight, often opt for a more reserved presence on social media platforms. Eleanor Talitha Bailey, in particular, chooses not to maintain an active presence on popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and refrains from creating a dedicated social media account of her own.

Instead of carving out her own digital space, she occasionally makes cameo appearances on her mother Devon Aoki’s social media profiles. This method offers glimpses into her life and the family’s escapades while preserving a sense of privacy and cherishing her childhood without excessive public exposure. It’s a deliberate approach that allows her to relish the benefits of her mother’s online sharing while safeguarding certain aspects of her life from the public eye.


Background: Eleanor Talitha Bailey comes from a notable family, with her mother being Devon Aoki, a well-known actress and model, and her father being James Bailey, known for his work in various fields.

Reserved Social Media Presence: Despite her background and potential access to fame, Eleanor has chosen not to maintain an active presence on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Occasional Appearances: Instead of having her own social media accounts, Eleanor occasionally appears on her mother’s social media profiles, offering glimpses into her life and family escapades.

Preservation of Privacy: This approach allows Eleanor to maintain a level of privacy and cherish her childhood without excessive public exposure. By appearing on her mother’s profiles, she can control the extent of her online presence.


Eleanor Talitha Bailey, daughter of Devon Aoki and James Bailey, has chosen a reserved approach to social media despite her notable background. She refrains from maintaining her own social media accounts and instead makes occasional appearances on her mother’s profiles. This deliberate choice enables her to enjoy the benefits of online sharing while preserving her privacy and cherishing her childhood without excessive public exposure.


Why doesn’t Eleanor Talitha Bailey maintain her own social media accounts?

 Eleanor opts for a reserved presence on social media to maintain her privacy and cherish her childhood without excessive public exposure.

How does Eleanor share glimpses of her life despite not having her own social media accounts?

She occasionally appears on her mother Devon Aoki’s social media profiles, allowing her to control the extent of her online presence while still sharing moments with the public.

Who are Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s parents? 

Eleanor’s mother is Devon Aoki, a renowned actress and model, and her father is James Bailey, known for his work in various fields.

What is the significance of Eleanor’s approach to social media given her background? 

Eleanor’s choice reflects a deliberate effort to balance the benefits of online sharing with the preservation of her privacy and childhood experiences. It showcases a thoughtful approach to navigating fame and social media in the digital age.

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