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DANIEL PETRY AND GABRIEL KUHL: Tragic Case of Virtual Gaming Turned Deadly

Daniel Petry and Gabriel Kuhl: Playing games used to be all about fun, but when online gaming came along, things got serious. Gabriel Kuhl found himself in a nightmare rather than a game when his gaming partner turned into a murderer. The world knows it as the Daniel Petry and Gabriel Kuhl case. Even though it’s been a while, the questions still linger. The thought of what happened to Kuhl’s killer sends shivers down our spines. Where is he now? What became of him? These questions keep us up at night, still searching for answers. Let’s take a closer look at this chilling story.

Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl Case: Was The Killer Taken Into Arrest?

Not too long after, the policeman found the whole internet dispute between the teens about the Tibia coins. Eventually, Daniel Petry was placed under custody. But unlike other crooks, he admitted to killing Gabriel. Not only that, but he freely disclosed every detail of every deed. As he concluded, the killer called the victim a liar who had deceived and betrayed him. Subsequently, Kuhl’s postmortem report attested to the 16-year-old’s sexual assault of him. Daniel responded violently when the police asked him if he had pursued a homosexual orientation. The boy refuted this and refrained from discussing it.

Justice was demanded by all after the Daniel Petry and Gabriel Kuhl case gained international attention. In actuality, the case received widespread media coverage in Brazil, and the people expected the courts to render a fair verdict. Sadly, though, Daniel Petry did not endure any hardship even after committing a horrible crime. The 16-year-old was given a three-year sentence at a juvenile detention center by the court after being accused as a child. As to the media report, Petry completed a three-year jail sentence and was freed from the juvenile camp in 2010.

Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl Case: From Where Do They Belong?

Gabriel Kuhn, a young boy from Santa Catarina, Brazil, had a deep love for video games from a tender age. His family background and education remain a mystery, adding to the intrigue surrounding his life. But what happened in his narrative is incredibly awful and terrifying.

Gabriel’s life changed drastically when he was only twelve years old. His close friend, Daniel Petry, committed a heinous act, leaving Gabriel dead. The shock and horror of such a young life being taken so violently still send shivers down the spine.

Their friendship, forged over the online game Tibia, seemed innocuous at first. Daniel, born in 1991, lived in the same neighborhood as Gabriel, and their shared interest in gaming brought them together. However, behind Daniel’s youthful facade lay a troubled soul. Reports suggest he had a history of aggression and had engaged in violent behavior before.

Daniel’s temper and rebellious streak often landed him in psychiatric therapy, and there were instances of him skipping school. Despite these red flags, Gabriel and Daniel’s bond grew stronger through their mutual love for gaming.

What Is The Daniel Petry and Gabriel Kuhl Case Actually About?

Let us alert you about Daniel Petry’s horrible criminal deed before getting into the specifics. The two youngsters joined the gaming community in 2007 and started playing Tibia together. Now that Daniel and Gabriel shared a neighborhood, their friendship developed quickly. But one day, the 12-year-old’s body was discovered with several slashed marks and covered in blood. The motivation behind this well publicized murder case was 20,000 Tibia’s cash, or around $1.75. It was a type of virtual money that was used to purchase royalties and other obligations in the online game.

Kuhl acquired the money from Petry however denied bringing it back. The previous was hesitant to converse with the 16-year-old and subsequently got detached from each electronic connection. This was the justification for why Daniel was disappointed, and his indignation contacted the sky. Since he previously had a forceful nature and conduct, Daniel couldn’t deal with the disavowal. He went to Gabriel’s home and gone into his room. Notwithstanding, prior to doing as such, Petry called his mom at 9:30 AM upon the arrival of the wrongdoing to know the specific timing of her appearance. Further, in the wake of going into Kuhl’s room, Daniel locked the entryway and went after him. In the wake of beating the more youthful teen for some time, he began manhandling him physically. As a matter of fact, the Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl case reports say that Gabriel Kuhl was really assaulted, and he could do nothing however endure.

Daniel Petry The Victim’s Body!

The tragic events of the Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Petry case are deeply disturbing. At just 16 years old, Daniel made a fateful decision to end Gabriel’s life in a horrifying manner. He used electrical cords to strangle Gabriel until he lay motionless, robbed of breath and vitality.

But Daniel’s actions didn’t end with Gabriel’s death. Driven by a sinister impulse to conceal the body, he resorted to gruesome measures. Daniel located a small space where he intended to hide Gabriel’s remains, but faced with the challenge of fitting the body, he made a chilling choice. He retrieved a saw and began dismembering Gabriel’s body, a ghastly attempt to make it fit into the confined space.

In a scene straight out of a nightmare, Gabriel regained consciousness amidst the carnage and let out a desperate scream. Shockingly, instead of being deterred by the sound, Daniel found satisfaction in it. His twisted fascination with Gabriel’s screams drove him to continue his grotesque task, slicing the body into pieces.

Despite his efforts, Daniel couldn’t fully conceal Gabriel’s remains. In a final act of depravity, he marked the dismembered body with symbols from the online game Tibia before fleeing the scene, leaving behind a scene of unimaginable horror.

The shock and incredulity surrounding the case only increased once Gabriel’s brother found his dead. The devastating results of unbridled violence and the depths of human cruelty are starkly brought to light by the case of Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Petry. The narrative lingers with listeners, serving as a sobering reminder of both the transience of existence and the potential for evil inside each of us.

Who is Daniel Petry?

Daniel’s enthusiasm for inventiveness and his unfaltering longing to influence the world have characterized his excursion. He was entranced by innovation since the beginning, and this interest brought him down an astounding street.

However, Daniel’s tale is about more than just creating prosperous companies—it’s about having an influence. He wants to leave the world in a better state than when he found it, thus he isn’t satisfied with just succeeding himself.

Daniel is very interested in philanthropy because of this. He is committed to using his resources to support organizations he believes in and to help people in need because he recognizes the value of giving back.

Daniel Petry is a man of aspiration, perseverance, and kindness. It serves as a reminder that success involves using your skills and resources to improve the world rather than just gaining wealth.

Daniel Sliced Wiki

Full NameDaniel Felipe Petry
Famous asThe Gamer Killer
Age32 years old (in 2023)
BirthplaceBlumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil
MotherNova Trento
Crime LocationBlumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Jail Term3 years
Imprisoned atA juvenile correction camp

Early Life and Education:

Daniel Petry’s upbringing was marked by struggles with mental health challenges, something his family tried to address by seeking medical help. Unfortunately, Daniel’s journey with therapy was brief, as he only attended a handful of sessions before deciding to stop altogether.

Despite these difficulties, Daniel found solace and enjoyment in the digital world. Online gaming, television, and the internet became his refuge, consuming much of his time and attention. He would often skip school to indulge in gaming sessions with his friends, immersing himself in virtual worlds where he could escape from reality.

Where Is Daniel Petry Now?

Daniel Petry’s journey has been tumultuous, marked by challenges and struggles from a young age. Despite his parents’ efforts to help him with psychiatric tests, Daniel always seemed to resist treatment, showing a strong dislike for doctors and authority figures.

Daniel’s behavior become more alarming as he got older. He stopped attending school and sought comfort in the online community of Tibia, a virtual environment where he could interact with others and avoid reality. Daniel didn’t seem to care about the terrible circumstances surrounding Gabriel Kuhl’s death; he continued to act as though his actions had no repercussions.

2010 saw Daniel’s release from juvenile jail, and he vanished from sight. Since then, there has been a great deal of conjecture regarding his location and what might have happened to him. While some speculate that he may have moved to Brazil to start over, others think he may have suffered from guilt and resorted to extreme means. Unanswered questions and unresolved feelings continue for those who knew Daniel and for those who followed his story as the reality behind his disappearance remains a mystery.

Daniel Petry Personal Life 

In Daniel Petry’s life, attaining contentment and balance in all facets of life is more important than work alone. Daniel puts his family first and takes care to maintain such relationships despite the hectic nature of his work life. Whether they are having fun over a meal or going on adventures, he cherishes every moment he spends with his loved ones.

In his spare time, Daniel enjoys relaxing activities that bring him joy despite his busy schedule. He enjoys hiking a lot and finds comfort in the beauty of nature. He is also an enthusiastic photographer who creates lifelong memories. He also has a deep love for music, and he frequently spends time learning new songs on various instruments or picking up a guitar.

But aside from his hobbies, Daniel is a source of motivation for aspiring business owners. He serves as evidence that aspirations can come true with perseverance, commitment, and a little bit of imagination. His contributions to the computer sector have not only influenced the sector but also encouraged many others to follow their passions without fear.

In addition to his career accomplishments, Daniel Petry’s legacy also consists of the relationships he forged, the people he touched, and the ambitions he inspired. He serves as a reminder that success involves finding fulfillment in all facets of life, not just moving up the business ladder.


The Daniel Petry and Gabriel Kuhl case shocked Brazil and gained international attention due to its chilling details. Gabriel Kuhl, a young boy with a passion for gaming, was brutally murdered by his friend Daniel Petry over a dispute about virtual coins in the online game Tibia. Petry confessed to the crime, revealing disturbing details of the murder, including sexual assault and dismemberment of Gabriel’s body.

Despite the heinous nature of the crime, Daniel Petry received a relatively lenient sentence of three years in a juvenile detention center. Upon his release in 2010, he disappeared from public view, leaving unanswered questions about his whereabouts and the consequences of his actions.


  1. Crime Details: Gabriel Kuhl was murdered by his friend Daniel Petry over a dispute involving virtual coins in the game Tibia. Petry confessed to the crime and revealed gruesome details, including sexual assault and dismemberment of Gabriel’s body.
  2. Legal Outcome: Despite the severity of the crime, Daniel Petry was sentenced to only three years in a juvenile detention center due to being underage at the time of the murder.
  3. Media Attention: The case received widespread media coverage in Brazil and internationally due to its shocking nature and the young ages of the victim and perpetrator.
  4. Daniel Petry’s Disappearance: After his release from detention in 2010, Daniel Petry vanished from public view, leaving unanswered questions about his whereabouts and the consequences he faced after the crime.


What was the motive behind Gabriel Kuhl’s murder?

The murder stemmed from a dispute over virtual coins in the online game Tibia. Gabriel had acquired the coins from Petry but refused to return them, leading to Petry’s violent reaction.

What was Daniel Petry’s legal outcome?

Despite confessing to the murder and revealing gruesome details, Daniel Petry received a relatively lenient sentence of three years in a juvenile detention center.

What happened to Daniel Petry after his release from detention?

After his release in 2010, Daniel Petry disappeared from public view, leaving unanswered questions about his whereabouts and the consequences he faced after the crime.

How did the media react to the case?

The case gained significant media attention both in Brazil and internationally due to its shocking nature and the young ages of the victim and perpetrator.

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