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Kelly Baltazar Wiki: All Life Facts About Kelly Baltazar You Need to Know


Kelly Baltazar is a versatile individual acclaimed for her wide-ranging skills and engaging demeanor. While she enjoys increasing fame, specific information such as her age, height, weight, spouse, and financial worth remains relatively undisclosed.

Nevertheless, her supporters are keen on delving deeper into the life of this mysterious personality, aiming to understand the elements of her private and public life that attribute to her achievements. Amidst ongoing speculations, her followers are eagerly anticipating any revelations that could offer a glimpse into these captivating dimensions of her character, fostering both curiosity and excitement.

Kelly Baltazar Wiki

Kelly Baltazar has become a notable figure on social media, albeit not for conventional reasons. This piece explores the life of Kelly Christina Baltazar, tracing her beginnings to her current presence online, highlighting significant moments in her journey and the controversies that have surrounded her.

Formerly a student at Georgetown University, Kelly Baltazar gained public attention in 2018 due to legal issues related to drug possession. Since then, her story has sparked discussions across various platforms and social media channels, sparking both controversy and intrigue. This article aims to provide a detailed overview of Kelly Baltazar’s life and the circumstances leading to her legal troubles.

Full NameKelly Christina Baltazar
Known AsKelly Baltazar
Kelly Jiayi Wang
Amelia Wang
Age (as of 2022)30 years old
BirthdateJune 19, 1992
FatherKevin Baltazar
MotherKaren Y Wang
SisterName not public
BirthplaceLos Angeles, United States
EthnicityMixed Asian
ProfessionSocial Media Personality
Height5 feet 6.5 inches (approx.)
Weight61 kg (estimated)
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
Instagram HandleNot Available
Twitter HandleN/A
Facebook ProfilePrivate Account by her name Kelly Baltazar

Who is Kelly Baltazar?

Kelly Baltazar rose to public attention through a series of notable events, marking her journey with both acclaim and controversy. Initially recognized as a student at Georgetown University, her name became synonymous with a drug possession arrest that made headlines. However, it was her brief venture into the adult entertainment realm, adopting the pseudonym “Mayli,” that further catapulted her into the spotlight. What made her narrative even more compelling was the uncommon intervention of her father, who actively sought to erase her adult film presence from online platforms. This confluence of events and decisions has cemented Kelly Baltazar’s place in the public consciousness, sparking discussions and debates about fame, privacy, and personal choices.

Kelly Baltazar Age

Born on June 19, 1992, Kelly, sometimes called Kelly Jiayi Wang or Amelia Wang, turned 30 years old in 2022. Her father, Kevin Baltazar, was a Vice President at Goldman Sachs and played a big part in the company. Kevin sadly lost away in 2020 as a result of COVID-19-related problems. Her mother, Karen Y Wang, completes her immediate family, though detailed information about Kelly’s family remains scarce in online sources. Her journey took a significant turn during her freshman year at Georgetown University when she faced legal repercussions due to drug-related charges.

Kelly Baltazar Height, Weight

Kelly Baltazar stands at around 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs approximately 61 kilograms. She has captivating brown eyes that complement her brown hair, adding to her attractive appearance.

Kelly Baltazar Educational Background

Born on June 19, 1992, Kelly Baltazar came into existence in the city of Los Angeles, situated in the state of California. While information regarding her early life and educational background is scarce, it is documented that she matriculated at Georgetown University.

Despite gaining internet fame, Kelly Baltazar’s story holds intriguing facets that may catch you by surprise. She has garnered mentions on 4chan’s /r9k/ board and has been given the nickname “the female Elliot Rodger” at times. It’s crucial to recognize that these references do not necessarily offer positive or accurate portrayals of her.

Kelly Baltazar Arrest

Kelly Baltazar was arrested by Georgetown University police on November 6, 2018, for possessing marijuana with the intent to distribute it. Her arrest carries legal consequences. Upon searching her dorm room, detectives discovered 17 grams of marijuana along with drug paraphernalia. After being taken into custody, Kelly was released on bond and agreed to a deferred prosecution.This arrangement required her to keep a spotless record and perform community service. After Kelly fulfilled these requirements, the accusations against her were dropped.

The Aftermath

Baltazar’s arrest caught the eye of numerous media platforms and online communities, leading to widespread conversations about her case. Interestingly, her name was linked to a fundraising initiative for the victims of a Woodbridge homicide, resulting in a notable contribution of $10,880 towards her support. Nevertheless, online dialogues concerning her have been contentious, with many being offensive in nature.

Kelly Baltazar Career

Kelly Baltazar began her journey as an online performer at 18 under the alias Miley, sharing her videos across various platforms. She mentioned doing it for enjoyment and income, relishing the attention and fame it brought. Keeping her activities hidden from her parents, she maintained anonymity by wearing disguises like wigs and glasses. Her secret life came to light when her father discovered her videos online and intervened, prompting her to stop. Kelly expressed feeling ashamed, regretful, and committed to continuing her education and career pursuits.

However, Kelly’s challenges persisted. In 2018, Georgetown University Police arrested her for possessing cocaine and marijuana, leading to charges of drug possession and paraphernalia. Opting for deferred prosecution, she was released on bail, though her reputation suffered. In 2014, when Kelly was 22 years old, a video purportedly showing her having sex with a dog surfaced. This topic also surfaced in 2019. Widespread indignation and charges of animal abuse and bestiality were generated by the video. Kelly expressed worries about cyberbullying, harassment, safety, and privacy issues while denying being the person in the video and claimed mistaken identity.

Personal Achievements

Baltazar has accomplished significant milestones in her career, earning a reputation for diligence and commitment. Her noteworthy contributions to the media sector have garnered recognition through various awards. Despite her achievements, she maintains a humble demeanor and remains focused on pursuing her objectives.

In summary, Kelly Baltazar is a prominent journalist and media figure who has established a strong presence in the industry. Her contributions to Wikipedia have proven invaluable in providing accurate information on diverse subjects, benefiting numerous individuals seeking reliable knowledge.

Kelly Baltazar ​Net Worth

Kelly Baltazar has a about $500K net worth. In addition, she earns money from her current career as a writer and editor and from her online entertainment business. Her father gave her an inheritance of $10 million, of which she received a portion.

Kelly Baltazar Interests

Kelly Baltazar is passionate about fitness and maintains a regular workout routine. Alongside this, she has a deep love for travel, constantly seeking out new destinations to explore. During her leisure hours, Kelly indulges in reading books and watching movies, balancing her interests in both literature and cinema. Furthermore, she has a keen eye for fashion, frequently showcasing her style on social media platforms.

Kelly Baltazar Family Life

Kelly Baltazar entered the world on June 19, 1992, in Los Angeles, California. Her father, Kevin Baltazar, held a notable position as a banker and served as the vice chairman of Goldman Sachs, a globally renowned investment firm. Her mother, Karen Y. Wang, maintains anonymity despite being identified as a Chinese-American woman. Kelly is part of a sibling trio, with a brother named Kevin Baltazar Jr., who works as a software engineer, and a sister named Kristin Baltazar, who pursues a career as a fashion designer

Kelly Baltazar Relationships

At present, Kelly maintains a celibate status. There has been no official confirmation regarding any past or present romantic relationships or dating rumors. However, her name has been linked to a few notable figures, including Raptor Lil Wayne and Gaydra Tyga. Kelly has taken steps such as deactivating her social media accounts and refraining from interviews or public statements. Additionally, she has made changes to her appearance, name, and whereabouts.

Kelly Baltazar Social Media

Baltazar’s arrest drew the interest of numerous media platforms and online communities, leading to in-depth conversations about her situation. Interestingly, her name was featured in a fundraising drive for the victims of a Woodbridge homicide, resulting in a significant contribution of $10,880 towards her support. However, discussions about her on online platforms have been contentious, with many comments being offensive in nature.

Instagram: Kelly Baltazar has 22 profiles that she follows on Instagram in addition to having 66 followers. As her account is private, not much is known about her activities on this network.

4chan Mentions: Kelly is frequently brought up on the /r9k/ board on 4chan. In such instances, she is even called “the female Elliot Rodger.” It is hardly surprising that Kelly’s name would surface on this board given its reputation for having contentious and provocative comments.

Hapas Subreddit: People of mixed-race origin, especially those of Asian and Caucasian ancestry, can gather on the Hapas subreddit. This subreddit is used a lot to discuss Kelly Baltazar, and some members have called her a “hapa porn star daughter.”

Kiwi Farms Thread: The Kiwi Farms forum is well-known for its contentious nature, particularly for harassing specific people and communities. Users have talked about Kelly Baltazar’s personal life, including her adult videos and family history, in a dedicated post on this forum.


Full Name: Kelly Christina Baltazar, also known as Kelly Jiayi Wang and Amelia Wang.

Age: Born on June 19, 1992, she turned 30 years old in 2022.

Birthplace: Los Angeles, United States.

Nationality: American.

Ethnicity: Mixed Asian.

Profession: Social Media Personality.

Education: Former student at Georgetown University.

Legal Issues: Arrested in 2018 for drug possession while at Georgetown University.

Career: Briefly ventured into adult entertainment under the pseudonym “Mayli.”

Family: Father named Kevin Baltazar, mother named Karen Y Wang, and siblings Kevin Baltazar Jr. and Kristin Baltazar.


Kelly Baltazar is a social media personality known for her intriguing journey marked by acclaim and controversy. Rising to fame initially as a student at Georgetown University, she gained public attention due to legal issues related to drug possession in 2018. Her brief stint in adult entertainment under the pseudonym “Mayli” further added to her notoriety. Despite facing challenges and controversies, she has maintained a notable presence online and garnered recognition for her achievements.


What is Kelly Baltazar’s full name?

Kelly Baltazar’s full name is Kelly Christina Baltazar. She is also known by the aliases Kelly Jiayi Wang and Amelia Wang.

How old is Kelly Baltazar?

Kelly Baltazar was born on June 19, 1992, making her 30 years old as of 2022.

Where was Kelly Baltazar born?

Kelly Baltazar was born in Los Angeles, United States.

What is Kelly Baltazar’s profession?

Kelly Baltazar is known as a social media personality.

What legal issues has Kelly Baltazar faced?

In 2018, Kelly Baltazar was arrested for drug possession while attending Georgetown University.

Has Kelly Baltazar been involved in adult entertainment?

Yes, Kelly Baltazar briefly ventured into adult entertainment under the pseudonym “Mayli.”

Who are Kelly Baltazar’s family members?

Kelly Baltazar’s father is Kevin Baltazar, her mother is Karen Y Wang, and she has siblings named Kevin Baltazar Jr. and Kristin Baltazar.

What is Kelly Baltazar’s net worth?

Kelly Baltazar’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000, with additional inheritance from her father.

What are Kelly Baltazar’s interests?

Kelly Baltazar is passionate about fitness, travel, literature, cinema, and fashion.

Is Kelly Baltazar active on social media?

Kelly Baltazar maintains a private Facebook account and has had past activity on Instagram, although her current social media presence is limited.

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